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Of The Town Government And Viage Self-government Relationship Between The Organization

Posted on:2012-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330374453376Subject:Administrative Management
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Town as the Chinese administration frame of the grassroots and rural communities is closely connected. The party's eleventh session, the rural family for the implementation of the rural basic management system, and a series of reforms:the people's communes system, the township government and the building self-governance among villagers in the universal. Expansion of the rural grassroots democracy, the villagers'autonomy, the party's leadership of millions of peasants building socialism with Chinese characteristics of democracy great creates.As a record of political experiments, in the implementation of the villagers autonomy system and development process, most of the local government to combine local realities, we should explore and improve self-governance among villagers developed a concrete implementation and achieved excellent results.Nearly 30 years, in all the accumulated a wealth of experience and also revealed some of the problem is now part of the local government in particular, the township government has failed to fulfill their proper organization and leadership of the villagers, he played to prevent the misuse of their self-governance. Therefore, the strengthening of democratic development of today is how to understand and handle well the relationship between township governments and villagers'self-governing organizations research and the problem becomes the new rural construction of the most urgent task.For the relationship between the two scholars from different angles to start with much study, and the results, in theory. The township government and the organizations of the villagers from a limited lead the interactive relationship between town and the relationship between the shapes on the whole country to the development of society. however, the current township government and the organization these factors may have to some extent the power to cause excessive expansion and township public governance capacity in the paradox for the healthy development of relations, which led to social transformation and modernization of the country, and it is necessary to be corrected. The text of the township government and the relationship between the organizations of the present analysis, the township government and the trend of reform with the organizations of the development direction of the approach of trying to search for the township government and the organizations of the relationship of harmony and for a solution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Township Government, Villagers'self-governing Organizations, Relationship Between the Township and Village
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