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On The Construction Of Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2010-01-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360275958491Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Since the emergence of country, the government plays very important role as the organization which humanity rely for development in people's political life. It has always been people's happy desire and ideal to establish a fine government and it has always been the basic topic to find out"riddle of the government"for all previous political thinkers. In the era of globalization, information as well as knowledge-based economy, it is a worldwide difficult problem that how traditional governance pattern can adapt new times quickly and realize high efficient, low-cost and honest administration. After the establishment of new China, the Communist Party of China has been exploring that how to build a democratic, active and highly effective socialist government system, and devoting in realizing profound transformation of governance pattern. Government reforming is an important, urgent and complex political project for the current Chinese society which has vital importance to China's modernization.The concept of service-oriented government spans differences of nations and regions, even more strikes root in the hearts of the people, and is shaping public domain's new words system and better prospect. Building a service-oriented government not only needs innumerable practices, but also relies on people's theoretical analysis and studies. At present, generally speaking, construction of service-oriented government lacks deep, systematic theory foundation. Therefore, it has very important theoretical and practical significance to make researches on construction of china's service-oriented government.This thesis is divided into five chapters and the general logic is as follows. Firstly, it will introduce issue's background, significance, present situation and techniques of researches. Then, the paper starts with an over-all account of service-oriented government's concept and basic connotation. Then, it analyses the rationale and reality basis of constructing service-oriented government. Next, it carries on the practice commentary about current situations of construction. Finally, it discusses the concrete countermeasures and paths of service-oriented government's construction on present stage.The first chapter is the general explanation about service-oriented government. Until now, government is the most important institutional arrangements which humanity creates, and it has been undergone process of transformation, growth and development from the day of its birth. The human society mainly has experienced rule-based governance pattern and management governance pattern; now it is evolving to service-oriented governance pattern. This is an unceasingly process of surmounting with developing the good and discarding the bad, and a process of tending mature which government shapes are enduring. The model of service-oriented government has rich and profound connotation, and it is an organic whole including ideas, functions, systems, behavior ways, and so on. As a strict logical system, it takes"citizen-based"as basic administrative idea, scientifically locates the role of"service provider". It realizes that as the social public organization, government abilities are limited and it cannot place itself above the law. It stresses the administration's efficiency and benefits and proposes"sunlight"operations in order to protect citizen's right and dignity. In all, this is a revolutionary transformation with epoch-making significance in the process of government's development.The second chapter mainly expounds the rationale basis of constructing service-oriented government. The basic idea to construct service-oriented government is"public"concept. The spirit of"public"is the analytical tool to measure government behaviors'quality and fundamental value, and the pursuit of"public nature"is the most essential meaning and the most important attribute for government administration. The core thought to construct service-oriented government is the democracy theory. The idea of people's sovereignty conforms to the objective law and historical trends of humanity's political development, and democracy thought will pass through the entire process during public administration. The direct thinking driving force to construct service-oriented government is modern theory on public administration, mainly including the new public administration theory and the new public services theory which provides direct theoretical support for it. The foundation of system construction to construct service-oriented government is theory of rule by law. Rule by law has always been the symbol during the process of human society's pursuit of civilization and progress. Legal administration worships principles of people's sovereignty, supremacy of law, all people's equality, just procedure and administration according to law which can safeguard person's basic rights, coordinated interest relations and control public authority effectively. The fundamental foothold to construct service-oriented government is to serve for the people which are Communist Party of China's basic purpose. From Mao Zedong's"serves for the people"to Deng Xiaoping's"people interest-based standard", from Jiang Zemin's"serving the public interests and governing for the people"to Hu Jintao's scientific development with"people-oriented"concept and"the interests of the masses is no small matter", the Communist Party of China's history is a history to serves the people wholeheartedly.The third chapter mainly analyses the reality basis of constructing service-oriented government. Construction of service-oriented government is the current inevitable choice to develop socialist market economy. We must construct one kind of effective coordination and cooperation mechanism between the government and the market and realize the most superior combination of both. Construction of service-oriented government is the realistic demand of contemporary China's social reforming and transformation. Facing the redistribution, divide and combination of benefit, facing the unbalance and shock of society, facing the rise and preliminary development of civil society, we must speed up government reforming and build socialist harmonious society. Construction of service-oriented government is the objective need to enhance international cooperation and competitive power. Under the trend of globalization, the government ability has become a dominant factor in a country's comprehensive national strength and the competitive power. Therefore, it is our severe test that the time gives us to reform and innovate government's management pattern.The fourth chapter carries out the practice commentary about our country's current construction of service-oriented government. In recent years, practices on construction of service-oriented government are emerging widely, and all levels of the government and their departments have made many positive, beneficial explorations. The measures mainly include transformation of functions, utilization of E-government, establishment of Administrative Center, and great attention to people's livelihood, blessedness and happiness, and so on. We have accumulated a lot of successful experiences, but there are also a series of problems, such like insufficiency of theory preparation, lacks of uniform understanding and plan, lacks of innovations on systems and institutions in spite of many concrete operations, insufficiency of public participation and lower overall quality of government personnel. To investigate the reasons, we find that it mainly contains the adverse effects of traditional administrative culture, deficiency of mechanisms and systems, negative influences of government's self-interesting nature and immature growth of the civil society and so on.The fifth chapter proposes essential countermeasures to construct service-oriented government. Core of reform is to approach the transformation from"all-round government"to"limited government", and establish a more flexible, more streamlined, more efficient"effective government". The government, the market and the society must make correct localization, coordinate each other, and establish new public governance pattern with the three's organic combination mutually. Particularly, we should locate the government functions scientifically, reshape the boundary of governance, and achieve the optimal structure of government functions. We also have to innovate the government's mode of administration and the operation way. We must establish principle of supreme law and do strict administration according to it. We must insist that our administration is for the people and by the people, expand citizen's participation, and promote scientific, democratic and institutionalized decision-making. We must follow principle of consistent power and responsibility, awaken government's responsibility awareness, amplify systems of investigating responsibility and improve the supervision systems. We must respect and protect the citizen's right to know, enhance the transparency of administration and establish"the sunlight government".
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