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A Study On The Curriculum Setting Of Postgraduates Majoring In Physical Education In Yunnan Normal University

Posted on:2015-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330452952048Subject:Theory and practice of gymnastics teaching and training
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In order to meet the needs of social development and the market demand,meanwhile, to be geared to Personnel Cultivation Mechanism of internationalgraduate student education, in2009, the Ministry of Education, for the first time,enrolled in full-time graduates whose degrees are master’s in sports fromundergraduates, which not only adds new content to professional degree educationin our country, but also opens up new ways to cultivate high-level sports talents. Still,now, most of full-time sports master cultivation in colleges and universities in ourcountry is in the initial stage of exploration. Therefore, there are there are lots ofshortcomings in the process of cultivating the full-time sports master’s degreegraduate. Among them, it is the issue, the curriculum setting that we should exploreand study further.In the southwest in China is located Yunnan whose development is relativelybackward and unbalanced. Besides, its cultural education is still weak. If we have tochange the current status of social development, we should realize that thefoundation is education and the key is the talent. Yunnan Normal University is thehome to cultivate talents who develop themselves comprehensively and withhigh-level and have comprehensive characteristics of the times. There is a gapbetween the quality of education in Yunnan Normal University and others’ indeveloped areas because most of students in Yunnan Normal University, are fromrural ares and whose cultural knowledge is relatively weak. What’s more, so far,there are almost no studies on combining the curriculum setting with the school’scharacteristics and the local practice but studies on the issues of the curriculumsetting of master’s degree graduates’ irrespectively. Based on above background,according to study on the curriculum setting of Yunnan Normal University, theauthor figures out the issue, the curriculum setting and gives proposals, whichenriches and improves the curriculum setting of sports master’s degree graduates’ inYunnan Normal University, improves the quality of sports master’s degree graduates, thus to promote the development of its education and economy fast and efficiently.According to documentary, interview survey and questionnaire survey in thethesis, the author studied the objectives of sports master’s degree graduates’, thecurrent situation of curriculum setting and the teachers’ quality. The conclusions areas follows:1. The training objectives Normal postgraduate Master’s degree in PhysicalEducation, Yunnan, curriculum and regulations consistent with the Ministry ofEducation, but the majority of the students felt that the school curriculum is notconsistent with the training objectives.2. Normal Sports Yunnan for master degree curriculum is not satisfied with theschool, and teachers of the school curriculum is considered reasonable, a certaincontrast between the two; but students and teachers agree that the existence of theschool curriculum theory divorced from reality, does not meet the characteristics of aprofessional master’s degree in sports, curriculum lack of innovation.3. Normal sports curriculum master degree in Yunnan lack of public attention tocertain basic courses in technical skills, teaching practice, some loopholes exist threetypes of courses on social practice, the need to further improve and strengthen.
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