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Research On The Setting Of Educational Courses For Middle School Teachers In Teachers Colleges In Jiangsu Province

Posted on:2018-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2357330518990476Subject:Teacher Education
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As the basic education curriculum reform constantly goes deeper, teachers are facing new problems and challenges, which is also the new standard for talent cultivation and education towards normal universities.As the special curriculum in normal colleges, teacher education curriculums is playing an important role to guarantee talent cultivation become practical. In this case, the importance of curriculum setting in teachers’education is quite obvious.This paper investigated teacher education curriculums of secondary school setting in normal universities of Jiangsu province based on the theory of Teachers’ knowledge and course constitution,according to the policy in "Secondary school teacher professional standard (trial)" and "Teacher education curriculum standard (trial)", using text analysis, investigation and comparison method.This paper consists of five parts: The first part is preliminary remarks. This part mainly clarifies the present situation of the research on the curriculum of teacher education, clarifying conception, intention,significance, method involved in this research. The second part is mainly discussing the ideal status of teacher education curriculum based on the theory of teacher knowledge and curriculum in order to provide theoretical foundation for teacher education curriculum in normal university. The third part provides policy guidance for the setting of teacher education curriculum in normal universities through analyzing "Secondary school teacher professional standards (trial)" and "Teacher education curriculum standards (Trial)". The forth part describes the current situation on the setting of the teacher education courses of secondary school in Normal universities of Jiangsu province and finds the problems, basing the training program of teachers’professional talents in Jiangsu province. The last part puts forward some suggestions and improvement on setting the curriculum of teacher education in Jiangsu province from five aspects: training objectives,curriculum objectives, course content, curriculum structure and practical curriculum.As a research result, the general situation of teacher education curriculum of secondary school setting in Normal universities of Jiangsu province is good: the curriculum objectives are reasonable, the courses content is rich, the practice form is diverse and the arrangement of courses is reasonable. But, there are also some problems: the training objectives are broad, the curriculum objectives are not well expressed, the proportion of teacher education curriculum is low, the course content is not comprehensive and the practical curriculum time are too short. For the above problems, the teacher education curriculums in normal universities of Jiangsu province should be improved from the five following aspects. First of all, training objectives should be clear and specific, reflecting the integration of teacher education. Second, the Curriculum objectives should be scientific, standardized and considering a variety of factors; Third, the course content should be rich and comprehensive, at the same time the number of course category should be increased; Fourth, the curriculum structure should be reasonable and standardized, meanwhile the proportion of teacher education curriculums should be balanced; Fifth, the practical courses should be flexible and diverse, and the time of practical courses should be longer.
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