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Research On The Specialty Construction Of Newly Established Universities In Guangxi Under The Background Of Transformation

Posted on:2018-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330518475406Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The transformation and the development of newly established universities is a key strategic concern of China’s higher education.Therefore,the research on the transformation and the development of newly established universities plays a significant role in cultivating applied talents to improve their academic abilities so as to adapt to the economic and social transformation,and make contribution to the development of local economic.This essay will apply the literature method,survey method,and inductive method to analyze the professional setting and adjustment of 15 newly established universities in Guangxi.Then the author will figure out and solve the existing problems in the construction of newly established universities in Guangxi according to their current development situation.All in all,this essay includes four parts:The first part mainly introduces the research questions,research significance,literature review and research methods.The second part,the reasons for the transition of new undergraduate institutions in the development are described,and then the thesis analyzes the relationship between development and professional development in transformation of new undergraduate colleges,and the main contents of professional construction are introduced.The third part,starting from the new undergraduate colleges in Guangxi,this paper briefly introduces the basic situation of new undergraduate colleges,and then analyzes the status quo of professional new undergraduate colleges in Guangxi and sets the professional construction problems,such as: professional construction planning is not in place,high homogeneity and professional talent training mode ate not perfect,the integration of production and education,school enterprise cooperation are not strong,and the unreasonable structure of teaching staff,these problems will hinder the construction of new undergraduate colleges of Guangxi and their professional achievements.In The fourth part,according to the problems existing in the construction of the newly established universities in Guangxi,the thesis puts forward some suggestions.No matterfrom the government level or the school level,we must increase efforts to do the specialty construction,specialty construction and local economic and social coordination,the rational allocation of resources,optimizing the personnel training mode,improve teachers,continue to promote the combination,only when the professional construction carried out,can we successfully promote the transformation and development of new undergraduate colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:transformation and development, newly built undergraduate colleges, specialty construction
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