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A Study On The Development Path Of Applied Technology Universities From The Perspective Of Resource Dependence Theory

Posted on:2018-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From the new local undergraduate colleges put forward transformation to the applied technology universities issues;to promote national policy,and to explore the practice of local exemplary Colleges.As the foundation of the construction of the applied technology universities,the new development of the local established undergraduate colleges and universities has been paid attention to in the field of general education and vocational education.Under the background of the popularization of higher education,local newly built undergraduate colleges and universities have reached the expansion on the scale.However,due to the shortage of resources,school location ambiguity,school strength,educational content and the scale of growth is not synchronized,that will inevitably impact on the development path of the current applied technology universities.In 2015,the Ministry of education "on the part of local colleges and universities to guide the application of transition guidance" made it clear that the applied technology universities should actively seek local,industry and enterprise funds,projects and resources in the school cluster,cooperation to promote the transformation and development of the school.Applied technology universities as a multiple resource dependent organization,their development has an indivisible relationship with government,enterprises and other social organizations.As well as the supply of resources is inextricably linked;it is due to the government,enterprises and other social organizations hold university resources indispensable to the development of application technology,so that the school and government,enterprises and other social organizations rely on each others’ complementary resources to establish an Inter Organizational relationship.This study starts from the perspective of resource dependence theory and research method of comprehensive use of combination of theoretical analysis and case analysis.Based on the analysis of the resource dependence of the applied technology universities as the sample analysis.the author tries to establish the resource dependence relationship among the organizations which affect the path selection of the applied technology universities.Through the establishment,maintenance and balance of the relationship between the school and the resources of the subject,we can understand the basis of the development path of applied technology universities,and further thinking about how to extend and deepen the development path of China’s applied technology universities.This study focuses on the current situation of the development of the applied technology universities in China,also focusing on the frontier issues.Try to answer the following questions through an interdisciplinary theoretical perspective:First,what is the current development status of applied technology universities?Second,what is the general direction of the development of of applied technology universities in China?How to reflect in the practical exploration of schools?Third,which organizations have the associated resources with the development path of the applied technology universities?What are the resources can be provided by each organization?How to meet the interests or expectations of all organizations?How to maintain a long term relationship?Fourth,under the resource dependence condition,how to explore the development path of pilot project applied technology universities?What are the schools’ efforts to maintain the dependency of resources?What are the exist problems?Fifth,how to realize the innovation and the characteristic development of applied technology universities development path under the mufti resource dependence?Based on the above analysis,this paper includes five parts besides the introduction:The first part is about the present situation and problems of the applied technology universities in our country.Through the foundation,scale,the way and the existence question and so on of applies technology universities,to demonstrate objective description and the system combs,thus provides the basis for the following question expansion.The second part is the general path and characteristics of the applied technology universities.This paper the aspects of the orientation of running a school,the specialty setting,the personnel training,the scientific research,the teaching staff and the policy guarantee.The third part is the analysis of the resource dependence in the development path of the applied technology universities.In order to realize the gathering of the external organization resources in the school,the school should make clear which resources are necessary for development?Which of these resources belong to?It should divided into three aspects by managers,promoters and supporters of the external organization,and make it clear the different content of organizations that schools depend on.At the same time,make external organization resources as the main demand,and divided position of external organization resources by three aspects of executor,the receiver and the user.Explore different organization investing in universities and organizations’ expected return or resources to carry on the analysis.Make sure the conditions of establishing a relationship with different organizations and maintenance method.The fourth part is the case study.The study selected representative application technology universities pilot units to carry out investigation and Analysis.Based on the sample schools in applied technology universities in the development of resources,resource dependent processing,resource dependence of school under the development path of the characteristics and existing problems,to make in-depth analysis.The fifth part is the thinking of the development path of Applied Technology Universities under the mufti resource dependence.On the basis of the whole research,it comes up with some thoughts on this research.As an economic entity,the school is inevitably linked with the development of the external environment,the path of school development and the coordinated development of the relationship between organizations have an inherent relationship.The development path of the applies technology universities,the first task is to coordinate the selection of construction resources relationship between organizations,regional organizations use their own resources and characteristics,mutual promotion and mutual support,so as to realize the development path of innovation and characteristics.
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