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Study Of China's Administrative Accountability Procedures

Posted on:2012-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C F MaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338456569Subject:Administrative Management
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2003 "SARS" opened the prelude of administrative accountability, and cause the central government attaches great importance to the administrative accountability.The ensuing "Sanlu milk powder" incident, Shanxi's "break event" and others have brought the administrative accountability popular. Particular, in 2008, many people called it the image of "accountability years." In recent years, although the administrative accountability gradually become a party and government penalties for not fulfilling his obligations, resulting in major policy blunders of the national civil service means and behaviors, but administrative accountability itself still have many problems, mainly in the administrative accountability there is no clear legal basis, in particular, there are no standard accountability procedures, that is not fully integrated into the administrative accountability to the program of the channel.This paper defines the procedures for administrative accountability and administrative accountability of the basic meaning, content and meaning of the value of administrative accountability procedures, and then analyzes the current situation of administrative accountability procedures and main issues raised on this basis, a sound Administrative accountability procedures of the basic ideas. Program is a legal administrative accountability, administrative accountability is not the main obligation of accountability of officials in a series of procedures followed in the process, the specific content of programs should include preparation of administrative accountability, administrative accountability launcher, executive administrative accountability, administrative accountability relief program. Specifically, preparation of administrative accountability procedures including the identification of the subject matter of accountability, accountability, and accountability of the main body of the object; administrative accountability procedures, including criminal investigation started, initiate an investigation phase is subject of the investigation related issues, the survey results should be to open society; administrative accountability standards implementation procedures including division of responsibilities, according to the decision standard system administration responsibilities should be the responsibility of civil servants anomie, civil administrative penalties for misconduct; administrative accountability of the relief program, including the relief to be the object of accountability procedures, loss of accountability of public events in the relief process.Sound administrative accountability procedures not only to ensure the impartiality of administrative accountability, protection of public interests and image of the government, but also to protect the legitimate interests of civil servants. Administrative accountability of the program that can promote openness in government affairs, will help improve the level of civil servants, civil servants perform their duties to strengthen accountability. In short, the improvement of administrative accountability procedures for the standardization of administrative accountability act, rule of law, the norm has important practical significance.
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