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On The Administrative Accountability Procedures

Posted on:2014-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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SARS incident of2003has played an important role in promoting launching theAdministrative Accountability System. Subsequently the central government graduallyhas proclaimed a series of accountability system, which are conducive to standardizingand guiding the development of China’s Administrative Accountability System. Themunicipal and provincial government successively have promulgated the Interimmeasures of administrative accountability, and achieved good results in practice.However, the administrative accountability system still exists of emphasizingsubstantive law and ignoring procedure law. So far, our country has not issued a specialadministrative accountability procedural law or special laws to regulate administrativeaccountability procedures, which also make the current administrative accountabilitysystem problems that exposed in practice unsolved fundamentally. Accountabilityregulations system in every city had various differences in formulating Administrativeaccountability procedures, to some extent, affected the practical effect of the wholeAdministrative Accountability System, which have enormous effect on the wholeadministrative accountability activities as an integral part of it. Developing animpeccable accountability procedures not only helps to achieve the purpose ofAdministrative Accountability System aimed at conducting responsibility investigationon illegal or improper behavior of civil servants, but also contributes to alleviating thedissatisfaction of the parties, weakening social contradictions. Therefore, the presentthesis will achieve the goal of perfecting Administrative Accountability System bymeans of procedural mechanisms.The present thesis will make an in-depth exploration on unified administrativeaccountability programs with the help of using theoretical and practical method,literature research method, as well as a comparative analysis of research methods. Thisthesis firstly introduce related concepts of administrative accountability procedures, itscomponents, theoretical basis and fundamental principle, thus build the theory base forthe spread of the whole paper. After that, selecting a few representative countries(United States, France, and Britain) and respectively introducing the current situation ofthe administrative accountability procedures in these countries, and then make acomparative analysis of it and draw inspiration from achieving unified and impeccable administrative accountability program in our country. Finally the thesis focuses onintroducing the current situation and existing problems of China’s administrativeaccountability procedures, and elaborating on specific way of perfecting theadministrative accountability procedures. Detailed analysis are made from the initiationof accountability process to commence of the accountability cases, then to theaccountability process as well as the administrative accountability relief procedure, andsupporting systems of the accountability procedures are discussed subsequently with aview to establishing comprehensive, systematic and impeccable administrativeaccountability procedures under the status quo of our country.
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