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Administrative Accountability Procedures

Posted on:2013-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330371976852Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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The administration accountability is a comprehensive subject with a connotational system, whose contents involved in many fields such as law, management and politic science. Carrying out administration accountability system is an important method to build a clean and efficient government, at the same time is an inevitable requirement to prompt the Construction of political of a democracy country and to build a nations of law, moreover, is a basic condition for building a reponsible government. The SARS in 2003 plays an important roles in facilitating the implement of the administration accountability,After this incident, The central government carried out a series of polices on accountability, which can well regulated and guided the development of the administration accountability. Each provincial and municipal local governments are also promulgated their polices of the administration accountability, and obtain a good effect in practice. But the sad truth is the denounced traditions which emphasize the entity and despise the procedure is still existed. So far we have not promulgated a specialized procedural Law of the administration accountability or a specialized law which can regulated the procedure of the administration accountability. Thus it is impossible to solve all kinds problems exposed in the current administration accountability fundamentally.There also existed big differences of the provisions of the procedure of the administration accountability in different cities’accountability rules and regulations of problems,hence, to some extent it influences the factual effects of the implement of the administration accountability.As a component of the administration accountability, it plays a vital role in the whole activities of the administration accountability. Regulating a set of impeccable accountability program is not only helpful to the implementation of the purpose of the administration accountability and the accountability to the illegal behaviour, but also has the function of dissovling the discontent of the parties and weakening the social contradictions. Therefore,how to consummate the administration accountability from the Procedure Mechanism aspect is the mainly purpose of this paper.Based on the basic principle of correlating theory with practice, this article extends to the function and principle of the administrative accountability procedure mechanism and emphasize the importance of procedural justice to the administrative accountability system in view of the basic concept of administrative accountability system. Finding out the defective and inadequate of administrative accountability system in the aspect of accountability procedure mechanism through studying the contents of administrative accountability system prescribed in central and local related accountability laws and regulations as well as government regulations at present in our country and integrating the practice cases of administration accountability in recent years. Finally putting forward the corresponding countermeasures on the basis of the concrete conditions in every field which including from the legislative aspect and the construction of the administrative accountability procedure mechanism to make the administrative accountability system in our country a progress.
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