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Vocational Medical School Professionalism Oriented Exploration And Practice Of Language Teaching

Posted on:2012-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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? The training goal of secondary medical vocational education is"to train front-line medical and medical talents with comprehensive abilities, professional adapting abilities, and practical techniques". The"secondary vocational school Chinese teaching program"issued by Department of Education in 2009 points out that Chinese courses are one of the required public and basic courses in secondary vocational schools. Its missions include the formation of comprehensive vocational abilities and set the foundation of further education. All the time, the dynamism of the reform of the secondary vocational public courses is not enough. Moreover, the Chinese teaching is not taking the role of promoting medical vocational education. Through analyzing the current condition of secondary vocational medical school Chinese teaching, this paper points out the issues in this area and put forward some methods of improvement. The author hopes to contribute to the continuous development of medical vocational education by providing some ideas to improve secondary vocational medical school Chinese teaching.This paper consists of four pars:1. Location definition. Based on the close relationship between professional curriculum and Chinese course, the author clearly put forward that, being a course of tool and humane studies, the role of Chinese is increasing and indispensable in secondary vocational medical education.2. Current situation analysis. The facts that teachers of secondary vocational medical education should face: the lagging teaching conceptions effect the improvements of students Chinese abilities; the consciousness that Chinese teaching should serve for vocational quality is not strong; the variety of teaching methods is simple, the teaching methods fall behind; the harmonious teacher-student relationship is not built; evaluation methods lack inspiring mechanism; and general teaching materials cannot meet the demand of training different students, etc.3. Countermeasure studies. To deal with abovementioned issues, based on the characteristics of the students, the subject and profession, considering modern vocational educational views, secondary vocational medical school Chinese teaching should focus on the promotion of the formation of students'professional attainments. Firstly, to facilitate the formation of professional qualities, secondary vocational Chinese teaching should be based on some principles; secondly, teachers'qualities and students'interests should be enhanced; thirdly, practitioners should focus on the development and utilization of the resources of secondary vocational medical school Chinese course, and establish scientific and rational teaching evaluation methods; lastly, in the combination of Chinese teaching and professional learning,…which is based on abovementioned contents.Conclusions. By analyzing the current situation of secondary vocational Chinese teaching, the author puts forward some methods from teaching practice, and concludes that secondary vocational Chinese teaching studies is necessary, feasible, and helps to facilitate secondary vocational medical school Chinese teaching reform and the accomplishment of training goal, so as to contribute to secondary vocational medical education.? Finally, based on the above contents, combining Chinese teaching with professional study, training occupational quality of students should be specifically practiced at Chinese class in Nursing Major of secondary vocational schools.
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