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Secondary Vocational Education Teacher Training In Yunnan Province Survey And Analysis

Posted on:2012-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330338455776Subject:Adult Education
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The development of vocational education is depended on the professional teachers troop, the training is the efficient path for the specialized growth of the teachers and the important part of teachers troop construction. In that way, it's necessary to research the present situation of teachers training for vocational education and then find out the question and insufficient of it.This research takes the adult learning theory and the teacher specialization theory as the main support theory, takes the vocational education teachers troop's present situation of Yunnan Province as background. This research carries the teachers of 8 vocational education schools, mainly to investigate the present situation of teachers training; the teacher's training demand, as well as present situation of teacher's ability. Through the investigation, we find out that the training for vocational education teachers of Yunnan Province existence following questions:Take the provincial level and state-level training seriously, neglect the training holed by vocational schools; Pay little attention to the teacher professional profession development; Take knowledge skill's instruction seriously, neglect the teacher's participation; Neglects teacher's study demand; The appraisal mechanism is imperfect, the training effect is not obvious, the training degree of satisfaction is low; The teacher specialized ability development is imbalanced; The training for getting a degree must strengthen and so on. This research gives some suggestion for the internal mechanism of training for vocational education teachers of Yunnan Province through the summarizing the experiences of foreign countries and analyzing the request ability of vocational education teacher in view of the questions existence in Yunnan Province vocational education training of trainer existence's question as follow:Balanced development all levels of training, take training hold by vocational schools seriously; analyzing teachers'development stage, determination training goal according to the stage; Pay attention to the learning demand of teachers, establish the colony type module curriculum system; Consummates the training appraisal system, guarantees the training quality.According to the special condition of the Yunnan Province, the research gives some suggestion for the internal mechanism of training for vocational education teachers of Yunnan Province as follow:Establishment the training for special invited teachers; Strengthens the legislative work that related to training for the vocational education teachers; Encourages the participation of enterprises, take "the double teacher" as training goals. Finally, though the investigation, we find that the teacher's enthusiasm of taking part in training is very low, so there should be corresponding mechanism stimulation to encourage them to attend training.
Keywords/Search Tags:Vocational education, Teacher training, Vocational education teacher ability, Teacher specialization development
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