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The Research To Predicaments And Countermeasures Of "Dual-qualiifcati" On Teacher Of Vocational Education At The County

Posted on:2013-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330395972387Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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In recent years, and the development of the industry economy in our country andthe promulgation for the plan of vocational education provide a good background, butalso improves the request, vocational education development not to meet the needs ofthe social situation. One of the prominent problems is that teachers team, therefore,the construction double-quality teachers team to improve and develop the ruralvocational education quality has become the urgent means one of all.Article to two vocational education centers in Jilin at the county level of the teacher asthe research object. Through literature method, the method of investigation andcomparison research as the main research methods.The first part of the content for the introduction, the paper put forward the mainclear problem, and the research significance and the research methods, the content andmethod.The second part of the content is including basic concept definition,"doubleteachers" construction basis, and about the "double teachers" the construction of thecontingent of related research.The third part of paper is the practical survey research of Jilin province ofvocational education teachers construction in the county, including the instructions ofresearch process, how to select the sample and the sorting of research tools, theexistence of the disadvantages. The main content of research results in the statistics,the EXCEL and SPSS statistical result concluded that the overall evaluation to dofinally.The fourth part of the paper is basis. First of all, that the education policy inguidance, the construction of teachers’ team won, and then puts forward the mainproblems of "double teachers" team construction process.The fifth part is put forward for the problems in reason analysis, provide thebasis for the proposed countermeasures, at the same time, with the second part incontent care.The sixth part is the conclusion part to the countermeasures to give priority to.Put forward countermeasures is based on the third part of the content and the fourthpart of income, mainly includes the following aspects, construction employmentguidance campus culture, out of the school-enterprise cooperation bottlenecks,implementation "of rotation of" teaching mode, establish and perfect the existingsystem, and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational education, Vocational education center at the county, Vocational education teacher specialization, “dual-qualification”teacher
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