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Residents Of Guilin Lijun Street To Participate In Community Governance Status Investigation And Research

Posted on:2012-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330338473164Subject:Administrative Management
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After reform and opening up, with the social market economic system gradually established and improved, causing the social and structural changes in social life. "Unit system" gradually broken, the city began to change the social structure, the original taking by the government and enterprises and the social management and service functions gradually back into the community and the community, community residents as a community participant in the most basic and most important the main, their participation in activities for the achievement of community governance is of great significance. Only a broad and direct community participation, community residents can gradually cultivate a sense of belonging and community identity, community resources can be effectively integrated, so as to effectively promote community harmony and healthy development. At present, residents in urban communities in China is still in the initial stage, their participation in the process also encountered many difficulties and obstacles. Therefore, to explore how governance in the community residents to participate in the promotion of a very large practical significance.This article analyzes the urban community residents to participate in governance and the meaning of community and residents to participate in the relationship between governance and theoretical basis to the streets of Guilin Lijun community involvement, for example, for the questionnaire and interview research activities. We can see Lijun street residents to participate in community governance and has made a greater effectiveness of the construction and governance of their communities and the country in Guangxi are in the forefront. The process of governance in the community to take "combined selection", "proposed line is divided into" and so on, and learn from the experience of community committees under the workstation, and achieved fairly good results. There are residents in the community engagement process, the participation of rich content, taking a variety of ways for residents to participate, to a certain extent, enhance the community identity and sense of belonging, to lay the foundation for effective promotion of community governance.However, we see the results; we should also see its problems and deficiencies. In the process of research and data analysis, we found the streets still Guilin Lijun residents to participate in the community, there are still the following questions:First, in the main body, there are still relatively low overall participation rate, the imbalance in presentation situation. Meanwhile, residents are mostly passive participation, lack of initiative in the spirit. Second, participation in the object, but also the existence of participation in community affairs coverage was not enough, not deep enough level of the problem. Third, on the participatory approach, there are still problems in poor channels.We deeply analyze the reasons for the problem, the following reasons:First, in the main, the interests of the lack of mechanisms, leading to lack of effective power. Residents to participate in the weak sense, making the residents of the community lack of identity and belonging. At the same time, inadequate conditions for the participation of community residents, hindering the effective participation of the residents. Second, in the object, the community organizations working methods and content can not meet the residents of diverse, individual requirements. Third, in passing, the community residents to participate in the system principled, operability is poor; community residents to participate in the system are not perfect, the lack of complementary nature to the community residents to participate in an obstacle. In reference to foreign residents to participate in outstanding community on the basis of experience, we propose the following recommendations:on the one hand, so that the residents of the interests of the community. Only with their mutual interest in linking the behavior it supports only a durable and reliable and can effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of residents to participate. Finally, residents in improving the system and expand channels for residents to participate.Community participation in Guilin and the development of the country are at an early stage, the paper hoped to Guilin Lijun community residents to participate in the street, for example, by analyzing the problems and put forward some suggestions, to Guangxi and the National community residents to participate in a number of positive references.
Keywords/Search Tags:community governance, participation of residents, effectiveness, question and solution
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