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The Study Of Application In University Safety Assessment System

Posted on:2012-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330362952048Subject:Safety Technology and Engineering
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In this paper, the important significance of the higher education was firstly analyzed to the social stability, politics, economy, culture, science and technology development and the university campus safety problem must be solved urgently. According to the practice of university safety management and the existing deficiencies of university campus safety assessment, the application research project of university campus safety assessment system was put forward. At the same time, the study results were proved to be scientific and effective by the practice samples.The influence factors to the occur of the university safety accidents were complex and influenced mutual. The accident type, degree of harm also had a serious randomness, uncertainty and fuzziness. At present, our country does not have a mature, unified quality standards set on the university campus safety state examination. The evaluation index system developed in the process was not perfect, which was only involved in one or several aspects. Besides, the each inspection items'range of safety checklist was also specified relatively narrow and inspection items were not described specifically, which caused a not believable results.This paper summarized the shortages and improvements of the existing evaluations and pointed out that the person, object, environment and management is the basic cause of university safety accidents on the basis of establishing safety analysis model. Then, on the premise of systematic, oneness, and homogeneity, quantifiable,8 first-order indexes which were followed by 37 secondary indexes of university campus safety evaluation index system were pointed out, this paper established a sound, reasonable and practical university campus safety evaluation index system. After this, according to the national and local's relevant laws, regulations notifies and rules, combined with the practice of university safety management, inspection items of 37 secondary indexes were put up. After using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and expert questionnaire method, the weights of one class indexes, secondary indexes and each inspection item were calculated, at the same time, the specific score of the examination item is confirmed and then some specific and practical inspection score-sheets were constructed, which was of great practical significance to evaluate each college's safety management level, optimize college's safety investment, regulate teachers and students'safety behavior, guide and promote each college's safety management. On the basis of checklist and the evaluate score by the experts who had lots of knowledge and experience, this paper constructed a multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, which could fully assess each factor's influence to the university safety and evaluate the level of university security. At last, the effectiveness and scientific of this model was proved by a practical example.
Keywords/Search Tags:university safety, safety assessment index, quantitative score-sheets, Analytic Hierarchy Process, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method
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