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The Enterprise Culture Construction Of The Cross-cultural Conflict

Posted on:2010-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360275477588Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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With the rapid development of the globalization of the world economy, transnational business is one of the important ways to the rational allocation of global resources. As the attraction of the China's preferential policies and the broad market prospects, much foreign direct investment in China. In the recent years, china is one of the most countries to attract foreign direct investment in the world. Since the implementation of China's reform and opening up policy and the accession to the WTO, more and more multinational companies to China to seek greater development and living space, they facilitate the rapid development of China's economic and technological progress and increase our people's employment opportunities and income; but as way of thinking, communication and coordination, management ideas, cultural background, living habits, and other aspects of differences. They face the cultural differences caused by cross-cultural conflict contradictions in their course of development, the growing conflicts, not only they will affect its own development, but also affect our country's sustained and stable economic growth and social harmony. These contradictions are what we must face to, it promoted the ongoing enterprise culture construction of multinational companies to china's national conditions. So it is very important to strength the enterprise culture construction of cross-cultural conflict in china; through the exposition, the multinational companies in china faced the concrete manifestations,causes and impact of the cross-cultural conflict. The multinational corporations in cross-cultural conflict took the specific measures during the enterprise culture construction. In transnational business, the "going out" of transnational corporations of china can also draw the inspiration, so that multinational companies in China and the "going out" multinational companies of China will keep the healthy development, all of us work together to the harmonious society construction in china currently.There are the following five parts of the main text to start research: the first part is the introduction, this part will focuses on the research background and significance, on the situation at home and abroad and the status quo, research and writing methods and papers structure. The second part, the development and the problems faced of the multinational corporations in China, the utilization of foreign fund in china, and the role of transnational companies during the China's economic and social development. And the problems faced by the cultural in the multinational corporations, the specific performance of cross-cultural conflict and the reasons. Through the investigation of transnational corporations, we talk about the basic status of the corporate culture, the problems existing; again with the success or failure of the two cases for analysis. The third part, the resolution way of the cross-cultural conflict, the resolution of the cross-cultural conflict and the specific strategy on this business, the company cultural is the solution, the role of the company cultural. The fourth part,this part will focuses on the status of the company cultural, to think about the enterprise culture construction of the cross-cultural conflict, and the enlightenment of the corporate culture to the China "Going out" companies. The fifth part is the enterprise culture construction of the cross-cultural conflict. The last is the concluding remarks, to describe some conclusions and the future outlook.When I wrote this paper, not only I read many magazines,books and newspaper about the cultural differences,cross-cultural conflicts,corporate culture and others, but also I conducted a survey on the multinational companies in the southern of JiangSu Province, I got the first-hand materials with the writing, during the writing ,I used the case analysis and theoretical research methods. By the studies of the enterprise culture construction of the Cross-cultural conflict in China, I also thought about cultural construction of the china corporations which they will "going out".The main innovation in this paper may be reflected in: (1) according to the actual situation of multinational companies in China, they face the cross-cultural manifestations and causes. (2) by the personal investigation, I got the first-hand materials, with theoretical research and case studies, to analysis the enterprise culture construction of the multinational companies, (3) I made a number of measures to the cultural construction of multinational companies of China's "going out" .
Keywords/Search Tags:Multinational company, Cultural difference, Cross-cultural conflict, Corporate culture
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