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Research On The Rural Community Construction In Urban And Rural Integration Process

Posted on:2013-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The long term dual system of rural and urban areas in China has led to the imbalanceddistribution of social resources and the slower economic development of rural areas. Farmers cannot enjoy the same public service as city residents, many social, economic,cultural and8environmental problems arise in rural areas, and the gap between rural and urban areas isincreasing steadily. Economic development and social construction in China are greatly heldback by all these problems.The sixth Plenary Session of the 16th Party Central Committee of Central Committee of theCommunist Party of China put forward the notion "promote the construction of ruralcommunity" for the first time, thus set the direction for the construction of rural community. Thefifth Plenary Session of the 17th Party Central Committee of Central Committee of theCommunist Party of China confirmed the strategic mission of accelerating the development ofsocialist new rural areas. Rural-urban integration is indispensable to solving the problems ofrural areas, and it is also the key to the construction of well-off society. Construction of ruralcommunity is an important aspect of realizing the social and economic transformation, and thekey to rural and urban integration. The core element of rural and urban integration is to speed upthe economic development in rural areas, and equalize citizen treatment between rural and urbanresidents.Starting from the perspective of rural and urban integration, this thesis explores theconstruction of rural community theoretically and practically. The research methods employedincludes literature review, exemplification and contrastive analysis, this thesis uses Heze City asan example and puts forward its own solution and suggestion. There are altogether six chaptersin this thesis:The first chapter introduction mainly introduces the research background, meaning andmethods, and summarizes the current domestic and overseas research.The second chapter explains the related concept and theory. Before discussing constructionof rural areas, the author summarizes the concept of community, rural community andcommunity construction, thus lays foundation of further research.The third chapter introduces main models and common practice overseas, as well asdomestic experiences about construction of rural community. The author states that speeding upthe construction of rural community, making best use of limited resources, improving themanagement of rural community, improving working and life environment of farmers, andpromote the economic development in rural areas are indispensable for the successful construction of new socialist rural areas and the integration of rural and urban areas.The fourth chapter analyses systematically the current situation of rural communityconstruction in Heze City. First the author states the specifics of rural community construction ofHeze City, then points out main existing problems such as lack of fund, inefficient serviceagency and improper community working mechanism. Finally, the author summarizes the relatedpractical experience in hopes of providing valuable examples for other cities.The fifth chapter proposes several pieces of suggestion about rural community construction:we should insist the notion of rural and urban integration; properly handle all relationship amongrural community construction; make best use of the resources available; break the traditionalmindset and innovate the management style of rural community; promote the culturalconstruction of rural community; improve the environment in rural areas and the living standardsof farmers.In the end, the sixth chapter summarizes the conclusion of this research.
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