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The Research Of The Credibility Of Competitive Selection Institution For Leading Cadres Of Party And Government

Posted on:2013-08-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330371992158Subject:National Governance and examination system
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In recent years, public selection system such as public selection and competition mount guard has been increasingly used in the leading cadres’ selections. Its influence has become greater and greater, and the promotion coverage has become wider and wider. As the extension and effective attempt for the testing and appointment system, public selection system reflects not only the current employment standards of our country, but also our society’s common pursuit of open, equality, competition and preferential. Therefore, public selection system has become the important way of our current selection and appointment of leading cadres, and "the most effective reform measure of selecting and employing personnel as both the cadres and masses considered according to the survey in recent years". The advantages of public selection system are highlighting the characteristic of the post, emphasizing the capacity and actual performance, enhancing the credibility of selecting and employing personnel, complying with the will of the masses. Nevertheless, there is always a gap existing between ideality and reality after all. Any system which intends to make effective achievements and reach the degree of people’s satisfaction needs not only good formulation but also good execution. Unfortunately, because of the problems like transparency, procedure, equality, democracy, scientificity and so on, the questioning of competitive selection system for leading cadres has never stopped for a moment, although it has got more and more public recognition and selected a large number of good cadres accepted by the masses. In view of the above problems, the credibility of competitive selection system for leading cadres is just the researchable question which needs us to think and study.By combing and borrowing from the relevant research findings and using the method of comprehensive analysis, this paper makes an exploratory definition of the credibility’s basic connotation by expounding the two concepts:competitive selection system for leading cadres and credibility. On this basis, it discusses eight internal factors and two external factors of credibility in detail, which produce important influence to the credibility of competitive selection system for leading cadres. The eight internal factors include the recognized degree of evaluation objects, the realization degree of evaluation subjects’ interests, the correctness of selection guidance, the transparency of selection operating, the standard degree of selection procedure, the scientificity of selection ways, the implementation of democratic participation, the integrity of selection mechanism. The two external factors are the complexity of social environment and the influence of traditional administrative culture. Corresponding to the above influence factors, the paper further analyzes the existing problems of the credibility of our competitive selection system for leading cadres, and then puts forward some feasible countermeasures to improve the credibility of the selection system.
Keywords/Search Tags:competitive selection system for leading cadres of Party andGovernment, credibility, influence factor, existing problem
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