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The Field Survey On Immigration In Shule Project Ecological Migrants From The Aspect Of Information Communication

Posted on:2014-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a qualitative research, the article studies some villagers and their families in Jinhua Village, Dongxiang Hui nationality Town, Guazhou County of Gansu province, through the news communication discipline perspective, Taking the representative person and family as the basic unit of research and analysis,author who involved in the migrants in the resettled to life investigates the condition of village, family and personal information, as well as the influence of the information flow to people.Through the description of the interaction process and information flow, the article tries to understand the villagers here having what experience, what expectations, and what they are thinking.By the end of the study,on the basis of analyzing research data,the article attempts to put forward the grounded theory to construct the information exchange and interaction of immigration。...
Keywords/Search Tags:Grounded theory, Shule project, Ecological migrants
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