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A Study Of Training Needs Analysis On Grass-Root Civil Servants Of Center City In Chengdu

Posted on:2014-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398474994Subject:Public administration
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The grass-roots civil servants are the main body of China’s civil service, the quality of the grass-roots civil servant capacity is related to the development of the country’s success or failure. At present, the education and training is the most direct and the most effective method to improve the ability of civil servants, the key of the education and training is the training needs analysis. Therefore, grass-roots civil servants training needs analysis, is the most important theoretical and practical significance to build a high-quality civil servant team and improve China’s civil service system.The text theoretically states relative principles of the training needs analysis, by investigation, interview, questionnaires and other methods, take grass-roots civil servants of center city in Chengdu as an example of empirical research. According to the current status of the training of grass-roots civil servants, from the three levels (organization, task (work), personal needs) to analysis by the training needs analysis theory, and construct the competency model of grass-roots civil servants of center city in Chengdu. According to the training problems of grass-roots civil servants of center city in Chengdu, give some countermeasures and suggestions from seven aspects of the Updated training philosophy, the development of training objectives, training needs analysis, integration of training resources, training contents set, training methods and training management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grass-roots Civil Servants, Training Needs Analysis, Competency Model, Empirical Research
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