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Study On The Transformation Of Rural Land Property Right Institution In The Process Of Urbanization In China

Posted on:2012-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X N HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330407461110Subject:Marxism in China
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The17thNational Congress of the Communist Party of China examined then approved abig decision about "CPC Central Committee on rural reform and development", which pointsout that it is necessary to consolidate and develop the countryside unswervingly, during thecritical phase of domestic reforms and international profound changes. The Three RuralIssues or San Nong refers to three issues relating to rural development in mainland China.Specifically, these issues are agriculture, rural areas and peasants. Nowadays San Nongfocuses on the rural land problem. Especially during urbanization, it is becoming the key ofthe Three Rural Issues. As it mentioned before, Land Property plays a very important role inland system. Deepening the reform in the countryside and establishing a new-type LandCirculation for rural areas, occupy a significant position in present reform system of China.The Study on the Transformation of Rural Land Property System in the process ofurbanizing,will shorten the development road of urbanization in china, improve the basicliving standards of farmers, promote social justice and fulfill the goal of building a well-offsociety.The key to solve the Three Rural Issue is to solve farmers’ problems. As for farmers,their biggest concern is the land or land system. The core of rural land system is the landownership. Property rights are the main content of ownership. The responsibilities of thesystem about rural land property are to arrange the structure and deal the relationship. Itsmain contents are land ownership, possession, usage, disposal rights and usufruct. It relatesto farmers, rural and overall agricultural development. During the process of urbanization,China’s rural land property system is still imperfect. Institutional arrangements for landownership also have defects. The legislation and operation parts of land management systemremain to be improved.This study starts from the changes of rural land property system, under the guide of basicprinciples of Marxism, using the relative theories of economics and law science. Throughthe reviews about the changes of Land Property System and analysis between several typicalland property systems since the Founding of PRC, I try to summarize the essence of thosechanges. It is to give farmers more complete property rights. In other words, the governmentwill establish markets where farmers can "subcontract, lease, exchange or swap" land-userights or join cooperatives. On such basis, I also talk about the defects of current landsystem and the causes of those defects. Raise an idea that high importance should beattached to the establishment of statutes and laws and develop a profit balanced Land PropertySystem. Strengthen macroeconomic regulation and control measures, such as land management and authority, which abide the rules of rural land system’s urbanization in China...
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural land, Urbanization, Property Right institution, Institutional change
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