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Ethnic Minority Costume Culture Into The Kindergarten Curriculum Action Research

Posted on:2013-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371471516Subject:Pre-primary Education
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As the living fossil, minority costumes have the potential educational values. Dali Bai clothing is the heritage of the Dali Bai culture, clothing play the role of the family of the subject. It is the "living fossil" for recording ethnic origin. Aesthetics, philosophy of life, morality and ecological view are integrated into clothing by shape, color and pattern design. So Bai clothing has a high cultural value and educational value. Bai clothing is derived from the natural aesthetic perception and creativity, and child has a common with it. Bai dress culture is close to the aesthetic and cognitive level of young children, can promote the comprehensive development of young children. Bai clothing has a high educational value for children:help develop children’s geographical knowledge, help develop early childhood understanding of geometry, help develop children’s spatial perception and spatial imagination, help develop children’s environmental awareness, help develop children’s national character and national identity. In view of related activities have not yet been carried out, it is necessary for Dali’s kindergarten to take Bai dress culture into curriculum.Cooperative mode will be used in this study,select a class to study in the kindergarten with the teacher of this class. After designing a interview outline, observation record sheet and program of activities, cooperate with A kindergarten in Dali Bai and take research into action. The study will be divided into the following four parts:Part 1 Introduction:This section is mainly a question, topics reason, sort out related research, establish the purpose of the study, the significance of the ideas and methods of the study, research, important and difficult point.PartⅡ:on the basis of gathering relevant information, and find out Bai costumes cultural values, social and aesthetic value, and further find out educational values based on the level of physical and mental development of children. PartⅢ:this part discusses the practice process, from the research situation to talking with the teachers, interview them, and on this basis carry out program of activities and cooperate with teachers, observe children with participating and non-participating, reflect after the event, discuss the issue and discuss countermeasures with teachers.PartⅣ:after action research, summary the whole study and make recommendations accordingly.
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