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Master Graduate Students’ Scientific Research Quality And Self-cultivation

Posted on:2013-06-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The scientific research activity is an important way for colleges and universities to train research personnel. Its main task, not only accumulate professional knowledge of the graduate students, develop intelligence and ability of the graduate students, but nurture the graduate world outlook of dialectical materialism and socialism quality of research ethics. The research study, in fact, is to be "talent", more "human" activities, scientific research combine graduate of individual and social, and even organic combination of talent and adult.The core and aim of self cultivation of scientific research quality of postgraduate students in the scientific world is the correct perception of themselves, coordination of self and others, self and society, self and nation and the relationship between man and nature, in the scientific research activity and correct understanding of their own should bear the social responsibility, and correct handling of personal development and social the relationship of need. From research students, scientific research quality of self cultivation in supervisor, teacher, teach, give full plays to the individual subjective initiative, consciously, actively, and cultivate their own independent research, innovative learning and research ability, and gradually formed a high-quality scientific research personnel.In this thesis, according to the graduate inner initiative, intended to seek the meaning of graduate students in the world of scientific research and foundation; to reconstruct the reality of the world of scientific research and the ideal, spiritual and material, the inherent contradiction of survival and existence; to reflect, experience and recast graduate research activities in the world of "meaning" and form a good research habits.The questionnaire is designed, according to the knowledge structure of postgraduate research knowledge, research ability and research quality to investigate the post graduated students from university A. With the actual analysis, combined with personal aspect, this thesis analyze, summarize the status of graduate student’s research quality development.Finally, according to survey analysis of the investigation status, according to the post graduates personally, this thesis proposed the following four self-develop strategy to develop post graduates’ research quality:first, choosing the "point":professional students should have their own major. Second, focus on the construction of the "group". Two man always better than one. And this point focuses on the effects of the group. Third, this strategy focus on the "knowledge", we should cultivate specific professional students. Finally, we focus on the "type". The overall function is more powerful than that of the part features, and formed the self cultivation of post graduates research quality.
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