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The Support Research Of The School-enterprise Cooperation To "Double-quality" Teachers’Team Construction In The Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2012-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330377951168Subject:Education Management
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Abstract:With the rapid development of secondary vocational education, strengthening vocational schools "Double-qualified" teachers have become the focus of the development of vocational education in recent years。The state has adopted a number of policy measures to develop secondary vocational education and gives a higher demand on construction of "Double-qualified" teachers’team of vocational schools, and specially emphasis the importance of "Double-qualified" teachers’training with various forms. According to the training objectives of secondary vocational education,the training mode of school-enterprise cooperation should be carried out to enhance the "Double-qualified "teachers’ability of combining the theory and technology, and improve their teaching ability, professional competence and working experiences through the construction of school-enterprise cooperation. And the same time, with the school-enterprise cooperation of vocational schools, the school personnel can make full advantages of talents, and select some teachers with solid theoretical foundation and research capability to participate in product developement, technology research. In this way, they can improve the ability themselves and also improve their teaching and school education. Meanwhile, the school also can recruit or employ some professional talents in companies with extensive practical experience and a solid theory to join the "Double-qualified" teachers’ team according to their professional development demand.This paper tries to describe the study on how does the mode of school-enterprise cooperation support the construction of "Double-qualified" teachers’ team. It focus on the needs of teachers and problems facing the construction vocational schools by using research methods of documents, investigation, questionnaires, etc. It also gain experience from abroad on construction of "Double-qualified" teachers’ team and inspiration from our carrying out the "Double-qualified" teachers’ team. It discuss the issues of the study of school-enterprise cooperation in the construction of "double" implementation mechanism and teachers strategies, especially for school-enterprise cooperation in the post "double" the practice of model building exploration from school-enterprise cooperation and ways to support experience in the construction process as well as a series of practical bottlenecks. Therefore, vocational schools must made great efforts to construction of "Double-qualified" teachers’ team in order to adapt to the current development of vocational education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Vocational education, School-enterprise cooperation"Double-qualified", teachers, Support
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