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A Research On Cultivation Of Double-quality Teachers In Higher Vocational College

Posted on:2016-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of our country economy, the social demand of high skilled talents is constantly expanding, and the demand for the comprehensive quality of skilled talents is gradually increasing, which brings a great impact on the higher vocational education in our country. The construction of teaching staff in higher vocational colleges is the core problem of improving the quality of education, and the cultivation of “double qualified” teachers is the key to improve the quality of higher vocational education. Through the cooperation between colleges and enterprises, the teaching resources of colleges and human resources of enterprises are utilized to build the “double qualified” teaching staff. This can realize the resource sharing, complementary advantages, simultaneous development and double win situation.This thesis is divided into five chapters: the cultivation of "double qualified" teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the cooperation between colleges and enterprises. The present situation of domestic and foreign research is studied at first, and then the research ideas and research methods is clarified, the content of the study is determined. the bases of the construction of "double qualified " teachers is analysised by two aspects of theory and reality.The strategy of "double qualified” teachers cultivation is studied in the paper. The influence and function of the school-enterprise cooperation in the cultivation of " double qualified” teachers is analyzed. Taking the training center as an example, the problems existing in the construction of "double qualified" teachers is analyzed, and the ways to strengthen the construction of "double qualified teachers" is studied. The school-enterprise cooperation is an effective and feasible method to constrain “double qualified” teachers in addition to the guarantee of policy and system and the improvement of the teachers’ professional quality. The effect of the construction of “double qualified” teachers is analyzed by the sample survey of the training center in the paper.In the process of the research, I find that there is a big gap between our country and foreign country in vocational education. The foreign vocational education includes the cultivation of teachers is quite perfect, and it is fixed in some form. And the domestic vocational education is still in the process of rapid development. Through the research in this thesis, a useful reference for the construction of "double qualified" teachers in higher vocational colleges is provide. The ultimate hope is that there is a grown-up vocational education which is fit to the national conditions of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:school-enterprise cooperation, double qualified teacher, construction of teaching staff, vocational education
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