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The Research On Human Resource Program Of Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic

Posted on:2014-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In2005the construction of Tianjin Binhai New Area was integrated into national11th Five-Year Plan and National Development Strategy and in2009the State Council approved Binhai New Area for the National Synthetically Reform Testing District. Binhai New Area of Tianjin became the new poles of economic growth driving regional development, after Shenzhen Special Economic Zones and the Pudong New Area in Shanghai. Thus, economic, social and so on various areas of Tianjin need a great large professional high quality talent resource. In the meantime, the development of vocational education has become the important basis in China’s economic and social development and strategic emphasis of the cause of education. The Party and the nation promote the rapid development of Chinese characteristics professional education in all regions actively, striving to Speed up the training of highly skilled personnel and high-quality workers, which injects vigor into Tianjin human resource training, reserves and application. Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic relies on the superior geographical advantage of Tianjin Binhai New Area. Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic established the essential concepts of holding college that Running a school aims for taking the market as the guidance services the society and Teaching aims for taking the employment as the guidance services students. Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic established the guiding principle for holding college that Based on higher vocational education, Giving service to Binhai New Area, Quality comes first and Prominent characteristics. Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic has cultivated a large number of qualified high-end professionals for Binhai New Area production, service, management.As a local higher vocational school, Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic makes new demands of their own development construction in the new historical conditions. Excellent teachers team is the most important of human resources for the development of the higher vocational school. High quality teacher talent is the core competitiveness of the school. Currently, Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic does not have a systematic human resource planning scheme. Therefore, the higher vocational school lack of the reasonable goal and basis in the human resources work. The formulating and implementing a complete human resource planning scheme which is suitable for development present situation of the school is not only the urgent need for human resources work of Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic, but also the vital problem about theory and practice concerned by scholars and leaders in the school.This article analyses the human resources plan environment, human resources team and human resources management of the school, forecasting for supply and demand of human resources of the school for a period of time according to the information collected by the research. The author formulate a human resource planning scheme and follow-up implementation suggestion suit for the school’s development requirement using People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM).This article explores human resources management and planning of Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic, wishing that it would be the the valuable reference to the relevant work and study of Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic in future and promote them.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tianjin Coastal Polytechnic, Human resources management andplanning, People Capability Maturity Model
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