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The Research Of The Public Service-oriented Government Constructing To The Inner Mongolia

Posted on:2014-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The construction of the public service government is the theoreticalcircle both at home and abroad research, which is an important topics todiscuss and put into practice. The construction of the public servicegovernment is the reform of the economic globalization under thebackground of the Chinese government, which is the necessaryrequirement of building a harmonious socialist society. The constructionof the public service government of the Inner Mongolia conform to therequirements of the region’s economic and social development, conformsto the fundamental interests of the masses, is to achieve and maintainnational area plays an important role in promoting the prosperity andstability. Although the domestic and foreign research of the constructionof the public service government has for a long time, which is in theaspect of theory construction and practice has made considerabledevelopment, it still less based on a region to carry out the case study.Compared with the service government, the public service-orientedgovernment is more highlight, which is closely related to the governmentfunctions、government capacity、factors such as good governance.China and western countries in the theory and practice of theconstruction of service-oriented government is different: theory ofwestern public service-oriented government building is discussed basedon the pattern of public goods supply, with the rise and development ofnew public management movement. The new public managementmovement is a practice mode, and also a kind of theoretical model,western public service-oriented government theory is the most importantpart of the build process. Experience from the west, our country toconstruct the service-oriented government must adhere to thepeople-oriented, emphasis on social public first, to efficiency and public satisfaction as the important measure of government behavior. It must bebased on its national conditions, come out a practical way. It mustcorrectly handle the relationship between government management andsocial the governance, and actively developing non-governmentalorganizations, to promote the community construction.In the process of building public service-oriented government in ourcountry, it has obtained certain achievements, but there are still someproblems. For case, construction of public service-oriented government ofInner Mongolia practice requires further analysis. In the process ofeconomic and social development in Inner Mongolia, it made the way ofthe "Inner Mongolia development model", which is the importantfoundation and driving force lies in the gradual change in the functions ofthe government, is the aspect of building a service-oriented governmentof Inner Mongolia has made the beneficial exploration: the government atthe corresponding level try its best to transform the economicmanagement function; It will deepen reform of the administrative systemand adhere to the decision according to law; It will perfect the publicfinancial management, reasonable enhancement macroeconomicregulation and control ability; Strengthen the examination and approvalsystem reform, to promote administration according to law, increase theefficiency of the government; Strengthen the government work, equale-government services level significantly increased; To develop socialundertakings and increase investment in the people’s livelihood. Forexample, the "Hu-Bao-er economic circle" public governance outcomesis significant. Based on the situation of Inner Mongolia, it has someproblems.In the choice of the construction of service-oriented government,Inner Mongolia should change ideas, set up modern government serviceconcept; Transform the government function, strengthen the publicservice function; Deepen the government affairs public, trying to advancee-government construction; Perfect the public finance system, increasing spending on social programs and the livelihood of the people; Perfectadministrative supervision mechanism, enhance the staff overall quality.The construction of public service-oriented government is accords withthe Inner Mongolia, it will further implement autonomous regioneconomy, put the area nice and fast development of the society.
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