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Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Support And Armed Police Officers’ Job Burnout

Posted on:2013-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401480257Subject:Occupational and Environmental Health
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Psychologists have made a large number of in-deep researches about organizational support and job burnout.Some of them have achieved excellent success and even to the extent that some of them have been applied to the reality. However, with the rise of the positive psychology, people have found that there are only a little research focus on the psychological capital which can reflect the potential of the employees. Moreover, the particular group such as police offices has been paid little attention. As a result, the feature and related factors of the job burnout about police offices have been a important and significant theme. This article will rely on the perspective of positive psychology and discuss the role on police offices’burnout that played by organizational support and psychological capital, it will concentrated on the mediating function that the psychological capital made between the other two. It will also make a effort to improve the status of the police offices’ job burnout.This paper gradually carried out the research of theoretical analysis and assumptions, questionnaire survey and statistical analysis of data. It used the way of literature analysis, questionnaires and statistical analysis around three core concepts that role perceived organizational support, psychological capital and job burnout. The object of this research is armed police officers from Xinjiang province.400armed police officers were randomly sampled in clusters, and researcher received a total of360effective surveys. The research object is mainly basic company officers and soldiers, including both new recruits and old recruits who have service years of veterans. The measurement of this survey included perceived organizational support questionnaire, psychological capital questionnaire, and job burnout questionnaire. Perceived organizational support questionnaire is single dimension; psychological capital questionnaire was divided into four parts, including confident, hope, optimistic and toughness questionnaire. Job Burnout questionnaire was divided into three parts, including of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment questionnaire. The conclusions were as follows:(1) The overall job burnout situation of armed police officers is relatively serious; There was no significant differences on three dimensions of job burnout among different gender; There were significant differences on some dimensions of job burnout among different length of military service, and education background.(2) Perceived organizational support was negatively related to each dimension of armed police officers’job burnout.(3) Perceived organizational support was positively related to armed police officers’ psychological capital.(4) Psychological capital was negatively related to each dimension of armed police officers’ job burnout.(5) Psychological capital mediated the impact of perceived organizational support on armed police officers’ job burnout. On the one hand, perceived organizational support had significant direct effect on job burnout. On the other hand, perceived organizational support had significant indirect effect on job burnout through psychological capital.
Keywords/Search Tags:Job Burnout, Perceived Organizational Support, Psychological Capital, Armed Police Officers
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