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Study On The Impact Of Perceived Organizational Support And Vocational Identity On Job Burnout Of Grassroots Police

Posted on:2020-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596468922Subject:Public security
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Burnout is a problem that every professional field must face.The contemporary society,with its rapid development and increasingly fierce competition,has put forward higher requirements for all workers.Under this background,burnout has severely restrict the development of society,enterprises and individuals,especially in the field of police.Faced with the complex and severe situation of maintaining social stability,the state has paid more attention to improving the quality and level of public security work,and neglected the individual concern of the police.In the field of human resources management,experts and scholars at home and abroad consistently agree that individuals are the key to the success of an organization.Police should get organizational support and personal value matching their work.Therefore,this study takes perceived organizational support and vocational identity as the starting point to explore the burnout of grassroots police.The theoretical basises of this study are Resource Preservation Theory and Job DemandsResource model(JD-R model).While reviewing and sorting out the researches in the field of public security and other fields,this study constructs a research model of the relationship among perceived organizational support,vocational identity and job burnout of grassroots police to solve the following problems:(1)Explores the structural model of organizational support,professional identity and job burnout of grassroots police.(2)Analyze the influence of demographic variables on three variables,and test the relationship between the three variables and each dimension.(3)Explores the mechanism of the relationship between perceived organizational support and job burnout with vocational identity as the mediating variable.In this study,342 grassroots police officers are surveyed by a questionnaire.Exploratory factor analysis,confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation model are used to test the research model.The following conclusions were drawn:(1)Perceived organizational support,vocational identity and job burnout of grassroots police are three-dimensional structural models.(2)There is a significant positive correlation between perceived organizational support and vocational identity.(3)Perceived organizational support can significantly reduce job burnout,but the dimension of job support has no significant predictive effect on the dimension of personality disintegration.(4)Improving professional identity can effectively intervene job burnout,especially in the dimension of reduced sense of achievement.(5)Vocational identity plays a mediating role between perceived organizational support and job burnout.In conclusions,this paper puts forward the following suggestions: First,rebuild the law enforcement authority of police to strengthen work support.Secondly,improve the professional security system of the police to care about the interests of the police.Third,improve the mechanism of selecting and employing to attach importance to the value of the police.Fourth,implement the measures of love for police to enhance police's emotional identity.Fifth,assist the police in identifying career anchors to strengthen their continuing identity.Sixth,attach importance to the cultivation of police psychological capital to enrich psychological resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:grassroots police, perceived organizational support, vocational identity, job burnout
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