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Study On The Transformation Of Ideological And Political Education From Inter-subjectivity Viewpoint

Posted on:2014-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330422957360Subject:Ideological and political education
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Inter-subjectivity theory is the theme of modern Western Philosophy. Introducinginter-subjectivity has a great impact on Ideological and Political Education. Under therule of the old subject-object mode of thinking, the deterioration of the relationshipbetween man and nature, man and man causes the growing of environmental pollutionand indifference. Entering the21st century, fundamental changes have taken place inera. Due to the development of economic globalization and information technology andthe needs of the people’s growing awareness of subjectivity and social practicedevelopment, traditional Ideological and Political Education has been unable to meetthe requirements of social and human. So this paper is based on inter-subjectivitytheory in modern Western Philosophy. Removing its own limitation and deficiency andadding Marxist Interactive Practice Theory in order to construct a new mode ofIdeological and Political Education. Because inter-subjectivity is the importantmeaning of Marxist Interactive Practice Theory, we should insist on the Marxistviewpoints to guide study on Ideological and Political Education. This paper separatelyexpounds from the structural patterns, methods, contents and value orientation of theIdeological and Political Education. The transformation of Ideological and PoliticalEducation is the inevitable requirement of the historical development, people-orientedscientific outlook, constructing the social harmonious society and adapting economicglobalization and the development of the market economy. Enrich the Ideological andPolitical Education discipline system and make it more scientific, rationalization andhumanization. This can enhance its effectiveness and pertinence. This paper dividedinto four Parts:The first chapter analyzes the reasons and background for writing. Summarize theresearch literature of the paper at home and abroad. And it elaborates the theoretical and practical significance of the transformation of Ideological and Political Education.The second chapter mainly describes about the development of Inter-subjectivityand Inter-subjectivity Ideological and Political Education. Firstly, the paper defines themeaning of subject, subjectivity, inter-subjectivity. Then, the paper introduces thedevelopment of inter-subjectivity in Western Philosophy. And the paper focuses onMarxist Interactive Practice Theory. Finally, we discuss the significance of buildingstructure of Ideological and Political Education which inter-subjectivity theory act on.The third chapter is the principal part of the whole. It mainly describes Ideologicaland Political Education how to transform on structural patterns, methods, contents andvalue orientation. Specifically, the paper tells us that the structure mode of Ideologicaland Political Education is how from "subject-object" two mode to"subject-object-subject" interactive mode. Methods is how from the "one-way" to"equal dialogue". The content is how from the "Books-oriented" to "People-oriented".Humanistic idea is how from the "individual ownership" to "symbiosis”. Valueorientation is how from the "Tools-oriented” to "people-oriented”. Due to theshortcoming of the traditional Ideological and Political Education, its transformationbecomes inevitable.The finally chapter mainly discusses the realization routes that inter-subjectivitytheory has employed in the process of Ideological and Political Education. We canexplore the effective path of transformation of Ideological and Political Educationthrough establishing the scientific idea of Ideological and Political Education,optimizing the content structure of Ideological and Political Education, constructing thecommunicative Ideological and Political Education and improving the quality of theeducator of Ideological and Political Education.
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