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Researches On Super-ministry Reform Of Chinese Government Based On Weber’s Theory Of Bureaucracy

Posted on:2014-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330425974763Subject:Administrative Management
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Super-ministry system reform is managed with the principle of integratingaffairs with similar functions and identical operations into one department, aimingat adjusting the government scale to public affairs the government undertakes,high efficiency of public administration realized consequently. This article startsform Max Weber’s life experience and his Theory of Bureaucracy, discussingbasic components of the theoretical system of Rational Bureaucracy, which arerational division of labor and specialization, the power system of rank moderation,decision documents with normal forms, impersonalization of organizationalmanagement, and the principles of salary system and promotion. This articleanalyzes the system structure of public administration from Weber’s perspectives,thus it comes to the influences led by feudal bureaucracy2000years ago and theproblems like insufficiency of legal spirit and overweight of human managementin current administrative system in the rapid development of socialmarket-oriented economy. Since all previous administrative reforms could not stepoff the repeated vicious cycle from simplification to inflation, it is needed foradministrative reform in our country in our country to shift ideas, with thecombination of Weber’s Theory of Rational Bureaucracy and the standpoint ofsuper-ministry system reform, establishing a super-ministry reform path suitableto our national conditions. Therefore, basic values of the reform and its adaptableadministrative culture need to be cultivated first, on the basis of which reformstructure would be established through rational institutional system in order toensure a steady reform progress. Indeed, with the reform in the present situation,problems would occur like blocks from the vested interest party and inadequatetop-level design of the reform, which will impede the success in one stroke.However with the continuous reform promotion, the establishment of a long-termgoal in building a service-oriented government and vigor of reform from China’snew leaders with comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary, the super-ministrysystem reform in our country would reap huge benefit.
Keywords/Search Tags:Super-ministry System, Theory of Bureaucracy, Basic Values, System Design
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