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A Research To Improve The System Of Hunan Government’s Emergency Management Under The Environment Of Super-ministry

Posted on:2016-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As China has entered a crucial period of economic and social development, various social emergencies caused by natural and human factors occur frequently. There is no doubt that China has entered a stage of multiple emergencies. How to strengthen emergency management and how to improve the ability to prevent and handle emergencies is an important issue to keep our society and economics develop comprehensively, coordinately and sustainably. In the challenge of response to various crises, the government has accumulated experience and methods of crisis management. However, with the rapid economic and social development, as well as the outbreak of modern crises, there are new changes in the form affect and scope with stronger possibility of sudden happening, more destructive, more frequent occurrence and wider field involved characteristics. Based on the current situation of Hunan province, it shows that the development of Hunan’s emergency management system has lagged behind the needs of developing situation. Therefore, to continuously improve the emergency management system in Hunan province and to improve decision-making and response capacity is a major task faced by the current government.Emergency management system is an organic combination,which is set up around the government, effective prevention and response to emergencies, maximum extent the negative impact of slowing emergencies arising. It has the following characteristics :focused on the exercise of power, diverse participants, system constitute a unit. And contains Organizations, Legal basis, Plan, Emergency Management Program, Emergency preparedness funds. Super-ministry is put forward under the political and economic globalization, transformation of public management paradigm, and the background promoted by current national conditions, and it demons trates some features which is separation of powers, integration of departments and the public service oriented government. With the constant Super-ministry reform, there are some new demands for Hunan province’s emergency management system, it includes realizing efficient integration of emergency functions, optimization management of emergency resources, and emergency resources co-construction and sharing. In recent years, emergency management system in Hunan province has achieved initial results. These results mainly include the gradual improvement of emergency management laws, regulations and system, improvement of emergency management unified command system, improvement of emergency management agency functions and perfection of emergency response teams. But there are also exposing many problems. The most prominent problems are the irregularity of emergency response agencies, indistinct function orientation, working independently among departments without sharing information and duties, lack of inter-regional cooperation between emergency organizations, the delayed professional talent team and lack of technical persons. The reasons why these problems exist can be concluded as follows: the relatively laggard emergency management concept, lagging behind government emergency management philosophy, imperfect emergency management information sharing mechanism and the poor integration ability of emergency resources and other reasons. From the realistic demands of Hunan province for responding to emergencies, it is important and imperative to improve the emergency response management system under the environment of Super-ministry. To some extent, to enhance the emergency management system in Hunan, it must built emergency management leadership agencies, integrate emergency management organizational structure, strive to build emergency management regional distribution layout and optimize the emergency management process in Hunan province.The main innovations of this paper are as follows: establishing an emergency management system with Hunan regional characteristics,enhancing the construction of emergency response information platform,and building appropriate regional response Hunan pluralistic institutional mechanisms involved in emergencies.
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