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Research On Sex Discrimination In Workplace In China

Posted on:2015-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428961303Subject:Public Management
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Since the reform and opening-up, China has made outstanding and remarkable achievements in its development. In the meantime, the rapid economic growth has brought about great changes into the labor market. Especially in recent years, the female employment discrimination problems have become increasingly highlighted along with Chinese economic transformation and industrial structure adjustment. The equal social position for female will face critical challenges again. That women and men enjoy the equal employment right is regarded as an important part of gender equality, Chinese essential policy, and is one of the important ways to realize the liberation of women. Necessarily, a society with comprehensive coordination and sustainable development is also a society with gender equality and coordinated development. Accounting for about50%of Chinese population, Chinese women mean a significant and important part in economic and social development. Thus in these circumstances, to research Chinese gender discrimination in female employment at the present stage has guiding significance for insuring labor rights and interests of female, promoting the overall development of female, building a harmonious socialist society, and achieving the progress of Chinese nation civilization.Through statistics and analysis of gender discrimination problems faced by Chinese female’s employment, this paper is eager to clarify the specific conditions of Chinese female’s gender discrimination in employment on current stage, and analyzes the cause of the problem. By combining with the empirical analysis, this paper would put forward specific policy recommendations on how to improve and solve this problem effectively. Besides the introduction and the concluding remark part, this article consists of five parts.Part one first defines the relevant concept which is related to employment gender discrimination. Then by relevant statistical data analysis, it describes the overall employment situation of current Chinese female in the aspects of employment rate, occupational structure of gender, identity composition and educational qualification of employed population, and so on.Part two specifically states the employment gender discrimination problems which current Chinese female faces according to three stages, the employment preparation stage, the employment development stage, the withdrawing from employment and re-employment stage.Part three analyzes the reasons for Chinese gender discrimination in female employment. The employment gender discrimination is a complicated social problem. In the meantime, it is a result of multiple factors. Mainly, this thesis concretely analyzes the reasons for Chinese gender discrimination in female employment from four aspects, the historical and cultural factors, economic factors, law regulations and policy factors, and the female own factors.Take China Life Insurance Company Limited Xiamen Branch as an example, part four analyzes the basic employment situation and the existing problems of female employee in this company. Although this company has developed positive policies for guaranteeing female employment rights and promoting female employee’s physical and moral integrity development, however, there are some gender discriminations problems existed in the company. On the basis of analyzing the specific issues and its reasons, this paper provides new measures that are favorable for female’s development in employment.Part five is the specific policy recommendation for improving the gender discrimination of Chinese female employment at the present stage. This article aims to develop and perfect the existing relevant policies and regulations of anti-gender discrimination in employment on the basis of the trend of gender consciousness mainstreaming promotion. Further more, the author considers that it shall actualize advantageous economic policy and education policy for female’s development in employment and Chinese female, respectively. Besides, intensifying supervision and law enforcement of gender discrimination in employment, as well as propagandizing and evaluating the policy of gender equality are important measures for guaranteeing female equal employment rights, improving and solving the Chinese female gender discrimination in employment on the current stage.
Keywords/Search Tags:Female employment, Gender discrimination, Policy sciences
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