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Marxism’s And Engels’s Theory On Urban-rural Relationship And Contemporary Value

Posted on:2015-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428980437Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Marx Engels urban-rural relation theory is an important part of the system of Marx Engels theory, Marx Engels many times in their writings such as "The British working class status","German Ideology","Communist Manifesto","on the housing problem""anti Dulin" and so on in relation to urban and rural related issues. The main idea is in the analysis and demonstration of a large space to the two questions, one is the analysis of urban and rural oppositions of capitalist society, the second is the integration of urban and rural areas and how to achieve integration of urban and rural areas to do the analysis. These thoughts provide guidance on the relationship between the urban and rural China processing. With the rapid development of Chinese decades of economy, people’s overall living standard has been greatly improved. But because of various kinds of man-made and objective reasons, China rural relative to the city is still very backward, the gap between urban and rural areas with Chinese economic take-off is widening, the contradiction between urban and rural areas is also an unprecedented intensification. In recent years, countries pay more attention to the countryside."Three rural issues" has become a hot issue of state and society. In the construction of socialist harmonious society and Scientific Outlook on Development guidance, to achieve the masses of peasants "Chinese dream" is an important task of China’s current social development, correctly handle the relationship between urban and rural science good China current, is the premise of comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable development of society to realize our country, is to achieve the fundamental way to social stable.In this paper, a total of three chapters:The first chapter expounds the formation and development of Marx thought of Engels urban-rural relations, mainly by the Marx Engels relationship between urban and rural areas to form the basis of (the thought foundation and the realistic foundation and its development process.). The main contents of the second chapter of Marx Engels’s thought of urban-rural relations make a detailed interpretation, mainly from the city and countryside thought of Marx Engels and Marx Engels’s interpretation of the two aspects of urban and rural integration thought.The third chapter is the practical significance of Marx Engels’s thoughts to do the analysis of the relationship between urban and rural areas. Firstly, since the establishment of the relationship between urban and rural areas China Chinese development track to comb. Secondly, based on changes in research and development of Chinese relationship between urban and rural areas, summed up the main problems and contradictions of current China relationship between urban and rural areas face. The Marx Engels relationship between urban and rural areas as the guiding ideology, is the main way to solve the current contradiction between urban and rural.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx、Engels, urban-rural opposition, urban-rural integration, Contemporary Value
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