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Research On The Relationship Between Urban And Rural Areas Of Marx And Engels

Posted on:2016-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464950308Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Urban-rural relations is an inevitable product of social and historical development,but also a basic relationship of the people’s production and life, from the overall situation of the world development, whether in developed countries or in developing countries, it is a common phenomenon, every country will face the problem of the relationship between urban and rural areas in the process of development. Marx and Engels did not focus on his writings described a relationship between urban and rural development, the specific process of change, but they have many times in the, “The Poverty of Philosophy", "The German Ideology"," Das Kapital "and other writings describe the conditions for the development of urban-rural relations campaign and the general process. Marx and Engels in-depth analysis of the causes of contradiction between urban and rural areas in the western society and the drawbacks brought by the contradiction between urban and rural areas, and critically absorb the utopian socialists put forward the integration of urban and rural, urban and rural social science to foresee the future will move toward integration. The main content of Marx and Engels thought of the relationship between urban and rural areas can be summarized as follows, namely the real power of urban and rural relations campaign changes, the overall trend of urban-rural relations campaign change, as well as ways and means to achieve the integration of urban and rural areas. Around these three areas, they answered scientifically why urban-rural relations campaign changes, how the movement toward change and eventual development. About the real power, they thought productivity is the fundamental driving force of the movement changes, social division of labor is a direct relationship between the motion of the driving force of urban and rural areas;about the overall trend, they mainly discusses the early human society of urban and rural all blend into one harmonious whole, in the Middle Ages gradually separationbetween urban and rural areas, and the capitalist period due to malformation of the social division of labor and the influence of private ownership began to appear in sharp opposition between urban and rural areas, finally, in the future, with the development of productive forces, the elimination of private ownership of the old society and the abolition of the old social division of labor, they will inevitably move towards integration of urban and rural; about the ways, they researched the "material basis" of the urban and rural integration is highly developed social productive forces, the institutional basis is elimination of private ownership, the means of production belong to all members of the society, industry and agriculture combined production mode, the abolition of unreasonable old social division of labor, popularize the education etc and a series of other measures.In this paper, according to the thought of Marx and Engels and sums up the relationship between urban and rural areas, combining with different historical stages of development and changes of the relationship between urban and rural in China since the establishment of the Chinese, Finally, the relationship between urban and rural development in their scientific judgment as a guide to explore the reality of Contemporary Enlightenment of coordinating urban and rural relationship and the relationship between the workers and peasants at the present stage "in the construction of new urbanization" in our country.
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