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The Guarantee Of Education Rights For Migrant Workers’ Children In The Process Of Urbanization

Posted on:2013-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330374474108Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Education for migrant workers children is one hot social issue. Theequal right to education is one of the basic rights stipulated in ourcountry’ constitution. Migrant workers’ children, as citizens of thePeople’s Republic of China, should enjoy the same education rights asother children in the city. The law doe not exist the privileged stratumand citizen. Therefore, paying attention to education rights of migrantworkers’ children not only is the key to improving the next generation’sliving level in rural areas, but also has profound effect on maintainingthe social security and stability, accelerating the urbanization andimproving the overall quality of the Chinese nation.Thanks to the competent authorities in Shanghai, the education formigrant workers’ children is moving towards standardization. Because ofShanghai municipal party committee and Shanghai municipal government,governments at all levels and relevant educational institutions activelyinnovate management system, adopt a variety of forms, improve educationconditions for the migrant children, enhance education quality for themigrant children and effectively gurantee migrant workers’ children ’s right to education. However, with the ever-changing social situation, howtheir children’s education is, how the issue of education is dealt withand how the related policy is implemented are needed to be kept track ofand informed of in time.Through a series of survey, it is shown that equal educational rightsfor migrant workers’ children, in reality, are not guaranteed. There aresuch problems as insufficient public education resources, lack ofstandardized management, various difficulties in school management. Thereasons lie mainly in household registration system, classificationmanagement system for running a school of compulsory education, lack ofrelevant supervision and so forth. However, it is not the excuse.Education for migrant workers’ children is the problem that China hasto face during the transition period and the nation is responsible forsafeguarding the education rights of migrant workers’ children. On thebasis of Shanghai’ policies and practices, the thesis puts forward thelong-term countermeasures, for example, strengthening legislation,enforcing the law strictly and improving the judicial protection so asto make China’s migrant workers’ children ’s equal right to receiveeducation come true. In legislation, the rights to education for migrantworkers’ children should be protected exclusively. In enforcement, thefunction of administrative law enforcement on the right to receiveeducation should be emphasized. The systems of students’ appeal andadministrative litigation should be improved as soon as possible. And thesystems of the judicial relief of education right should be constructed.Due to unbalanced development throughout the country, the implementationof protecting the migrantworkers’ children’s right to education shouldbe conducted respectivelly, which can not be realized in a short time.
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