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The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region University High Level Sports Team Present Situation Analysis And Development Countermeasure Study

Posted on:2013-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Before the nineteen eighties, our country cultivating excellent athletes walk is generally more professional, amateur, by provincial teams and national teams centralized management. Due to the severe contradiction between study and training, athletes’ cultural education greatly affected. Nineteen eighties medium, along with the social employment system changes, retired athletes the difficult employment problem has become increasingly prominent, athlete professional training system has been challenged. In order to reduce the contradiction of learning and training, athletes can be employed during the period of university education, for cultivating the all-round development of the high level sports teams construction started a pilot, to ordinary higher school as a leader, and gradually improve, in primary school, combining excellent sports talents training mechanism, to participate in the pilot colleges and universities from the beginning of the51, the development of by2010268, relating to the sport of nearly100.From the history looks, colleges and the construction of high level sports team is better adapted to the sports speciality development and comprehensive quality education demand, promote the development of China’s sports undertaking important one annulus; with the development of society and economy, there are many comprehensive university has played a more important role and gradually become the future of sports talents cultivation the mainstream pattern, began to take up the national culture "sports talents" task. At the same time, the universities high level sport team construction, promoted colleges to carry out a wide range of events. However, the current our country university high level sports team construction process, athletes do not put, the overall yield is low etc the issue is more outstanding, study and explore how to establish the university high level sports team long-term cultivation mechanism, has very important significance.In this premise and background, we should continue to promote people-oriented construction of a harmonious society, the practical realization of "combination of sports and education", cultivating reserve talents of competitive sports in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region colleges and universities, through long-term work and research, found that the current the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region university high level sports team still exists in construction problem.This research mainly uses the literature material law, the expert interview law, mathematical statistics, logic reasoning and expert interviews and other research methods, from the construction of high level sports teams in history and geographical distribution, admissions policies, sports setting and layout, management system,"learning and training", training support and other aspects of the2010education latest approved6the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region university high level sports team construction current situation undertook comprehensive research, and gives some improvement suggestions, to ensure that the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region university high level sports team construction reflects the ethnic characteristics, health, science, stability, sustainable development has the important theory significance and the practice value.Suggestion:(1) The functions of the government departments should strengthen the management system reform, deepen culture system construction, hold overall situation, practical development of our region of high level sports teams in short-term goals and long-term goals, increase the intercollegiate championship tournament, exchange, in order to improve the athletes’Pro tournament experience.(2) Strengthen my area college wrestling, judo advantage project development, at the same time drives the other sports to enhance the overall level and the addition of popular projects, such as orienteering, skiing.(3) To establish a system of education characteristics of the training base, and has the condition school to establish relations of cooperation, which is identified as the cultivation of sports reserve talent training base, and to give policy support.(4) To broaden the sources of funding channels, with the enterprise joint team, set up high level sports team in University Development Fund Federation, sponsorship, advertising effect by athletes and other measures complement insufficient funds.(5) Targeted modifying teaching plans, appropriate to reduce each semester courses, to better address the learning and training time conflict; formulation of high level sports teams in the full scholarship scheme, in order to attract area, outside of the high level athletes to my area universities.(6) Implementation of logistical support, university should establish long-term athlete foci, ensure the training of athletes nutritional safeguard; to establish medical supervision service, regular players performed as a routine examination.(7) University high level sports team training work is the school sports teaching work components, policies should consider the coaches have coached sports team sports competition achievement value, and as its promotion promotion important condition. (8) The formulation and implementation of appointment system and the competition system for the coach approach combining optimization coaches. Development of short-term, long-term training plan, improving coaches’ practical experience and theoretical level, absorb the world’s advanced science and technology and the training method.
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