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The Study Of Zhang Yinlin’s The Outline Of Chinese History

Posted on:2014-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the1930’s, there was a light shining meteor across Chinese history altar and he’s been Chen Yinke referred to as a "wonder" of history whose name is Zhang Yinlin. With outstanding ability, learning and knowledge, Zhang Yinlin was had high hope by contemporary historians namely died in Zunyi Guizhou due to illness when he was37, therefore the effort for the history textbook written for middle school students before his death which is called The Outline of Chinese history was not completed and only until the eastern han dynasty. Although incomplete, the learning and thinking of history in Zhang Yinlin life are always on The Outline of China History, which is called one of the general history of success written by modern historians. As a historical masterpiece The outline of Chinese history spread all over the world, people used to study Zhang Yinlin’s historiography thought and historiography theory with it, but few noticed that its original identity. From the view of middle school history textbooks, the paper analyzes that how will history textbooks are written kindly, lively, showing a history of humanities background, which is aimed at providing some reference to modern history textbook writing.Removing the introduction, the architecture is divided into four chapters:the first chapter briefly describes Zhang Yinlin’s life, showing the writing background, writing ideas and guiding thoughts of historiography of The Outline of Chinese history, the second chapter introduces its content selection, arrangement and cohesion, the third chapter analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of The Outline of Chinese history from the content.expressions,the ways of writing and so on, on the basis of the research of the first three chapters, the fourth chapter combined with the deficiency of the current high school history textbook writing clarifies the revelation of The Outline of Chinese history to middle school history textbooks’writing.
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