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The Social Work Intervention Of College Students’Interpersonal Skills

Posted on:2014-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401468139Subject:Social work
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The degree of the mental health of college students is directly related to his personal development. Relationships are an important part of mental health, good interpersonal skills enable students to have a healthy psychological, and can contribute to their personal development, and prepare for the future into the community.The author reviewed the relevant literature teacher for the H University Mental Health and Education Center at the same time to carry out interviews aimed at understanding the of H University students’ mental health and interpersonal status quo. In this study, the author recruited by the freshmen as the research object, expand the group work to improve students’ interpersonal communication ability intervention. This article aims to improve the interpersonal skills of the team members through group members interaction, to explore interpersonal potential of the crew,to achieve the crew’s personal development. Six main parts are included in this article.The introduction is the first part. This part describes the background of the researched questions, research purpose and significance, the innovation of the study, the summary of the relevant literature.The study design is the second part. This section introduces the research methods applied in this study and related concepts defined, focusing on the theoretical background, specific description of the mode of development of the application of group work.The third part is the current status of students’ interpersonal communication. This section describes the types of interpersonal. Students’ interpersonal communication problems are mainly concentrated in the interpersonal increasingly utilitarian, lack of interpersonal skills, self-centered, shyness, low self-esteem psychology. I try to analyze the problem from the subjective and objective.The fourth part is the social work Intervention. Mainly through interviews and questionnaires conducted a needs assessment of the group, the importance of the needs assessment and the results of the needs assessment study. The part focus on the interpersonal group work which is carried out for the recruitment of crew intervention and follow-up.The fifth part is the reflection of group work intervention. The author through group work summary and reflection the contents of H university mental health education, group work methods and assessment methods.The sixth part is the countermeasure recommendations. Through the H University mental health and interpersonal status quo research, the intervention of group work, and the summary of the activities of reflection, the author proposes targeted recommendations.Unfolded through papers, group work practice cases may be quite superficial, but after all, I direct participation of professional group work attempts, but in practice, based on a more professional reflection. Although the group activities group work in a short time has really improved the interpersonal level, but its long-term effects need further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:group work, mental health, college students’ interpersonalcommunication, assessment, countermeasures and suggestion
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