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A Study On The Outdoor-sports Club Safety Management

Posted on:2014-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422453473Subject:Tourism Management
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There is no doubt that tourist accidents have negative effects on both the touristsand tourism activities. Because of tourist outdoor sports’ characters ofmass-participating, high-experiencing and high-risk, there is potential safety hazardwhen tourists take part in such kind of activities. As the main carrier of outdoor sports,outdoor sport clubs should strengthen the safety management and safe controlled,build up security system, rescue mechanism and safety management system, whichwill boost tourist outdoor sports industry develops healthily and orderly.This study firstly concludes that the operation modes of our country’s outdoor sportclubs can be divided to two kinds, which are profit-generating mode andnonprofit-generating mode. Secondly, this study finds out and analyzes the securityissue by illustrating the clubs’ safety system in operation workflow. Thirdly, the studyapplies qualitative analysis to certain cases, constructs the formation mechanism ofthe accidents of outdoor sport clubs and then applies the mechanism to empiricalresearch. Fourthly, based on the research and analysis of the third part, the studyconstructs the safety management and control system of our country’s outdoor sportsclubs, brings up related policies and points out the policies’ universality anduniqueness against different kinds of outdoor sport clubs.(1) Outdoor sports clubs’ operation modes can be divided into two kinds:profit-generating mode and nonprofit-generating mode; By analyzing the operationprocess, little differences are observed between two kinds operation modes; The mainsafety systems of outdoor sport clubs are macro-safety policy®ulation systemand public safety services system, mid-micro-social insurance and outdoorspecialized insurance system, and clubs’ own organizing safeguard system andprevention system.(2) Studying the outdoor sports safety accidents happened since2000(287cases),the paper analyzes the types, morphology, causes and relationship of outdoor sportssafety accidents. Accidents caused by climatic reason and unexpected factor have led to more casualties.(3) Using the grounded theory of qualitative research paradigm, the paperconstructs outdoor sport clubs’ accidents formation mechanism by extracting accidentcauses’ factors through the open code, kingpost code and selective code. Based on thesystematic analysis and the integration of the open code and kingpost code, throughiterative conclusion and regrouping, the paper cramps out the category of concept andgenerics, and finds out five central generics which are individual factor, climatic&environmental factor, clubs’ organizing factor, management system factor and outdoorsports’ system factor.(4) Adopting the five dimensionalities of grounded theory of qualitative researchas the method of designing the questionnaire, using SPSS18.0as analysis tool, thepaper extracts five factors of outdoor sports clubs’ safety accidents: F1"themanagement system of clubs", F2"climate and environment", F3"the skills ofoutdoor sports participants", F4"the management system", and F5"the healthcondition of participants", which testifies the five dimensionalities of qualitativeresearch. But the ranging of common factors extracted differs from those ofqualitative research, which proves that the self-factor of outdoor sports participantsmatters the most.(5) By analyzing the causes and morphology of outdoor sports accidents, thepaper studies the cause mechanism, reason mechanism and formation mechanism,finds out the main causal factor and accident promoting factor, compares thedifferences between qualitative research dimensionalities and empirical researchdimensionalities, constructs the safety management and control system of outdoorsports clubs: the system combined of multi-apartments supervision, clubs’self-organized safeguard and public safety education of outdoor sports. At last, thepaper brings up comprehensive and efficient control and management policies ofearly warning mechanism, supervise system and rescue system for outdoor sportclubs of different operation modes.
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