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Educational Sociology Analysis Of The Survival Conditions Of Middle School Teachers In Rural Areas

Posted on:2014-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422962200Subject:Principles of Education
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Along with the reform and development of elementary education, the subsistence anddevelopment of teachers have become the focus of the whole society. As it knows to all,education is the country’ future and teachers are the key to that. Because China is anagricultural country and a wide range of rural education, the rural teacher is the biggestproblem in the reform and development about Chinese elementary education. And thesurvival conditions of teachers, not only affect the growth and development of teachers,but also affect the growth and happiness of students,moreover, it will affect the level ofteaching quality, even the success of the whole education. Therefore, we must pay moreattention to the survival conditions of teachers in rural areas.This study selects all teachers of LD middle school in Xiaochang as its researchobjects. With the help of the author’s personal experience and by the method of fieldinvestigation, the author enters into their real life and collects a large number of first-handmaterials. Through thick description, objects’ real survival conditions are displayed in anall-around way.According to the grounded theory in qualitative research, the research method of thisstudy is designed. Sociologist Pierre Bourdieu’s field theory is used in this study to formits analysis frame:The author defines rural education field, uses the core concepts such as“field”、“capital”、“habitus”, analyses rural teachers’ state in the field and standpointsand how they deal with conflicts and compete for field capital, what strategy they choose,what habitus they form,and so on.The main body of this paper consists of five chapters, including Chapter3, Chapter4,Chapter5, Chapter6and Chapter7. The third chapter gives a “line drawing” about survivalconditions of the whole rural teachers. This chapter is divided into four parts:“soulengineers of the country”——teachers stick to the rural areas, inherit knowledge anddevote all their lives;“The most bitter job is nothing but beingJiaoShuJiang”——teachers’ economic conditions, work load, standard of living andworking environment are not optimistic;they are experiencing a decline in the social status and low self-identity;they are experiencing hard survival in the face of the newcurriculum. The study finds that the teachers’ overall survival conditions are not ideal. Thefourth chapter gives a deep description on the rural teachers living state, to show thedifferent roles they play when facing other groups and all kinds of conflicts they face inthe field. The fifth chapter presents the different value demands of different groups ofteachers in rural middle school, which result in different strategy they choose to enter intoor retreat from the field. The sixth chapter shows attitudes teachers present after long-termsurvival. These attitudes have been formed “habitus”, and “habitus” lead them to continueto be helpless coexistence. The seventh chapter is a conclusion to summarize the aboveresearch and extend for future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural middle school teachers, LD middle school, Survival condition, Field, Habitus
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