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Research Into The Formation-characteristic Of The Newly-founded Local Colleges

Posted on:2006-06-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360152988729Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Aiming at the seriously convergent phenomenon of Formation-characteristic in the newly-founded local colleges, this paper studies why and how to establish Formation-characteristic from the angle of talents training to offer reference and suggestions for the newly-founded local colleges. And the author adapts such research approaches as literature method, comparison method, investigation method and analysis approach, etc..Firstly, aiming at the current confusing utilization of the basic conception of Formation-characteristic, this paper uses CI theory of management and the method on concept explaining by world-famous educationist Wolfgang Brezinka to analyze the word meaning of the Formation-characteristic and make it accurate preliminarily.Secondly, on the premise of clarifying the concept, this paper indicates that the convergent phenomenon presently exist in the Mind Identity, Behavior Identity and Visual Identity for the newly-founded local colleges. Furthermore, it is also analyzed that profound reasons inside and outside existing in three respects are the interlocking of college ecological location, the defect of appraisal system in higher schools and the edge position of the newly-founded local colleges.Thirdly, on the issue that how to establish Formation-characteristic, this paper proposes that it should be considered from two respects, macrocosmic strategy and microcosmic tactics. Macrocosmically, this paper carries out a SWOT strategy analysis on Formation-characteristic of the newly-founded local colleges. Reference from the environmental classification on Educational Ecology, the paper develops the inside and outside environment of the newly-founded local colleges to a compound ecological environment which includes Natural Environment, Social Environment and Normative Environment. Through setting up a "Value Chain" Model of Formation-characteristic, this paper analyzes the Strength and the Weakness of the inside environment, and the same Opportunity and Threats from the outside environment which most of the newly-founded local colleges may be confronted within theory. On the basis of the above analysis, the paper discusses how to orient the strategy. Thus, the SWOT strategy orientation model is boldly founded up, and the respective four types of conformity mode for SO strategy, WO strategy, ST strategy and WT strategy are brought out. Besides, the paper preliminarily conceives that it is possible to confirm the value of S, W, O and T by the method of synthetically appraisal.Microcosmically, the tactical idea is put forward on five characteristic items including characteristic disciplines, characteristic specialties, characteristic courses, characteristic teachers and characteristic teaching approaches. In establishing the characteristic disciplines, the paper at least has three suggestions that were to strengthen the characteristic through developing traditional advantage disciplines, to form the characteristic through paying attention to communications and intercrossing between the disciplines, to develop the characteristic through seeking for the combination between the disciplines and the local communities. As for establishing characteristic specialties, this paper figures out that it must be good at optimizing students' professional structure and improving the application lag. On the characteristic courses establishment, the paper deems that it will be effective to lower the barycenter of the courses to strengthen ordinary education, and to design the professional courses to train the students' ability. As for the characteristic teachers, the paper considers that the steps of introducing outside talents and training endogenous talents would be urgently taken into. As to establishing characteristic teaching approaches, the newly-founded local colleges are expected to create some new classroom-teaching approaches, improve practice-teaching approaches and develop network-teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:the newly-founded local colleges, Formation-characteristic, talents training, SWOT strategy analysis
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