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Sports Education Professional Track And Field Specialty Students Teaching Practice Ability Training Content Optimization Research

Posted on:2015-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330467462013Subject:Sports teaching
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Professional sports education is the cradle of training PE teachers, cultivate students of physical education major is physical education teachers of reserve forces, including teaching practice ability is the key to cultivating physical education teachers. Since the1990s after the education reform in our country, school sports education by "exam-oriented education" to "quality education" transformation, school sports education idea there has been a profound transformation, began to pay attention to physical education of students’ psychological and social adaptation, this is the professional quality of teachers of physical education and teaching ability put forward higher request, and a growing number of unit of choose and employ persons to apply for personnel to the practical experience of higher requirements are put forward.In order to adapt to new social development and the current employment situation, our hospital in recent weeks the class teacher ren as a track and field specialty in the specialty course teaching, on the basis of the track and field specialty in the college of physical education curriculum standard, are targeted in the process of specialty teaching arrangement of the cultivation of the students’ ability to carry on the teaching practice, has broken the traditional single dominated by competitive technology of track and field specialty course content, course in specialty teaching content increased in the part of students teaching practice ability training, the reform of track and field specialty course content is optimized. Based on this, this study of fujian normal university sports science institute08and09,10athletics ZhuanXiuBan grade three students as investigation object, and using the literature material law, questionnaire investigation, expert interview and logical analysis, mathematical statistics, etc., the physical education teaching practice ability of students professional track and field specialty structure, each grade students teaching practice ability training characteristics, the commonness and the reason analysis and counter-measure research.Studies suggest that physical education students professional track and field specialty teaching practice ability mainly includes the ability of teaching, to about extracurricular sports training, about guiding extracurricular sports activities, about scientific research ability and about all kinds of sports competition ability of organization. Individual ability and contain a variety of specific teaching practice ability.Through data analysis and field survey, this study for nearly three years ZhuanXiuBan of track and field teaching content analysis summarized the optimization of the reform, the problem mainly by students to participate in the sports teaching practice motivation, students have mastered the knowledge experience, in the sports teaching practice frequency and other factors. To this end, the course of track and field sports education professional track and field specialty teaching practice ability training made to optimize the content of the reform, pointed out the direction of the development of track and field specialty in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Physical education, track and field specialty, the teaching practical ability, contentoptimization
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