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Problems And Countermeasukbs In The Management Of Senior Middle School Politics Class

Posted on:2014-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Classroom management is the basic condition for the survival of the teaching activities, is an important guarantee for the smooth implementation of classroom teaching, effective classroom management to improve the teaching effect, has a direct role in promoting the all-round development of students’ physical and mental health and comprehensive quality. High school students are beginning to form scientific world outlook, outlook on life stage, is an important period for students’scientific understanding, scientific understanding of social life, setting goals. The effective management of the political class, is to improve the students’Ideological and political qualities and scientific and cultural qualities, the successful completion of high school education, the key to social or careers.In this paper, aiming at the existing high school politics classroom management in just proportion, weakening the function of moral education and political discipline, classroom management and teaching way is not reasonable, management efficiency is not high and the teacher-student relationship is not harmonious wait for a problem, on the basis of analysis and research is proposed to improve the political class high management strategy. The conclusion is:in the management of the high school politics classroom, must take student’s development as the core, with full respect for the students personality, attention to student needs, meet students’psychological and learning needs; to create a harmonious relationship between teachers and students, create a good classroom environment, improve the political teacher’s teaching skills, changing the way students learn to motivating students to learn, to enable students to enhance their self-control and self-discipline, and actively devote to the classroom life full of vitality, thus minimizing the classroom problem behavior, to achieve effective classroom management, promote comprehensive and harmonious development of students.The full text is divided into four parts:The first chapter:introduction. The basic idea is mainly introduces the research background, purpose, meaning, content and methods, and research. And the classroom management, management, senior high school politics classroom teaching and classroom management, effective political classroom management concepts. The second chapter:the research on classroom management literature review. Using the literature research method, mainly generalizes and summarizes the results of previous studies on classroom management, and provide a theoretical basis for the management of the high school politics classroom questions.The third chapter:investigation and analysis of the political class management of senior middle school. Taking Heyuan city four high school as the research object, through in-depth research field, using the questionnaire survey, classroom observations and interviews, the full possession of materials, from the current politics course in high school moral education function, political teachers’understanding of classroom management, political teachers classroom management, classroom management, the classroom teaching effect of politics teachers and the factors which influence the classroom management in six aspects, analysis of the current situation of senior politics classroom at this stage, to find out the existing problems in the management of the political class, and from three angles of teacher, student and institutional analysis problems.The fourth chapter:the management of high school politics classroom improvement strategy. This is the goal and the ultimate goal of this research. This part has to part third of the large amount of material based on previous research achievements, the theoretical basis, according to the change of the current high school educational environment and teaching evaluation, evaluation of classroom teaching, from the perspective of the relationship between teachers and students, classroom teaching is proposed to improve the effectiveness of classroom management thought politics.
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