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Teaching Resources Construction In Higher Vocational Colleges Three-dimensional Network Research

Posted on:2014-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425967356Subject:Education Technology
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The construction of three-dimensional Network Teaching Resources has now been themost heated-discussed issue in the field of applying IT to modern education. It can mainly bedivided into the constructions of three parts, which are the e-learning material resources, themultimedia resources and the network curriculum resources. Besides, the main core ofapplying IT to modern education lies in applying IT to teaching which is based on thedigitalization and networking of teaching resources. The construction of applying IT intoeducation has a deep and further influence in not only changing the traditional thoughts andconcepts of education, improving the model of teaching, but also in cultivating people whohave the biggest abilities of innovation. And an important means of applying IT to teaching isthe construction of three-dimensional network teaching resources. Collecting new ideas andnew technologies, and working out a highly effective, commonly used and easy-managingsystem of three-dimensional network teaching resources has become an important point ofapplying IT to education and long-distance education. Meanwhile, higher vocationaleducation, as an ignorable part of higher education, has become the focus of higher educationsince1990s. In China, higher education is divided into undergraduate education and specialtyeducation. And the specialty education falls into University undergraduate educationandhigher vocational education, the purpose of which are focused on training students’ abilitiesand bringing up students’ abilities of mastering technologies and techniques. On the big stageof educational and teaching reformation, higher vocational education desperately needseffective teaching resources to support its development. While, three-dimensional networkteaching resources, with no doubt, provide a chance for the reformation and development ofhigher vocational education.This paper analyzes the current states, which have already been studied home and abroad,of three-dimensional network teaching resources, basing on the Theory of Constructivism,Post-modernism, Dialogue Theory and Managing Theory. The study target is on D vocationaltechnical college. In this paper, the attributes of the students from the higher vocationalcollege have been studied, the construction and application of the management of networkteaching resources of D vocational technical college have been investigated, and the problemsexisted in the construction process of three-dimensional network teaching resources, in China,have been summarized and analyzed in three aspects.And they are the construction of teaching method and process, the organization of teaching materials and construction of media resources. Last but not least, this paper givessome suggestions and innovation methods on the construction of three-dimensional networkteaching resources for higher vocational college and the school-enterprise cooperation, whichmay make some contribution for further studies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Three-dimensional, NetworkTeaching Resources, Higher Vocational College, NetworkEducation, School-enterprise Cooperation
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