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Social Work Intervention In College Students Truancy Behavior Modification

Posted on:2014-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the expansion of higher education in China to carry out the work, the number of college students increases continuously, the scale of higher education expands unceasingly, the college students’ education and management more difficult, some problems and contradictions emerge, especially Students Truancy behavior, has become a normal, some students of public behavior, the University management bring great pressure, is not conducive to the growth of college students development. Truancy problems become the urgent problem to solve, this is their choice, decided by the student’s subjective will, so the behavior of college students skipping classes is one of the key to solve the problem of skipping classes. This research from the social work case point of view, the intervention of Social Work Students Truancy behavior of correction.The causes are manifold. From the subjective aspect of students, learning objectives, lack of learning motivation is the main reason. The objective factors include teachers’ classroom less attractive, school supervision lack of external factors such as network, such as the negative effects of three factors. In reality, not the traditional education way Students Truancy behavior completely, starting from the angle of social work, case work in correcting students truancy behavior, according to different characteristics of clients, using behavior modification model and social psychological therapy in two cases of truancy correction model to help students truancy behavior.In this study were from four aspects of the individual system, school system, family system and peer system correction on various modes of intervention Students Truancy behavior of effectiveness evaluation. Two models for the correction of Students Truancy behavior are more effective, the choice of social work service mode, mode of social work must aim at the different classes students’ problem of choosing different. Behavior modification model mainly modified classes as the main goal, to act as intervention centre, to learn as a core concept, therefore suitable for weak self-control, truancy of college students "errors in the class is useless" cognitive; psychological and social mode of treatment need to clients in the environment, by direct and indirect means of treatment combined, help clients to resolve emotional distress, more self-control, improve the environment, so it is more suitable for a variety of reasons lead to truancy behavior, influenced by the environment play truant students larger.Social workers involved Students Truancy behavior correction can better solve the problem of college students skipping classes, but how to solve this problem also need the joint efforts of the students themselves, school, family and society as a whole.
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