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The Expanding Of The Learning Experience Space, A Study On Making World Of Ideology And Moral Curriculum In Junior High School Return To Life

Posted on:2014-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At the beginning of the21st century, a broader debate about the elementaryeducation curriculums reform has triggered in China’s educational field. In thiscurriculums reform of elementary education, teaching is the key point. For thestudents in the junior middle school, Ideological and Moral Course is important,because it helps students cultivate healthy habit and mind, improves moralconsciousness and enhances their social adaptation ability. Therefore, someeducational experts proposed that “returning to life world” is a significant theme.Obviously,“returning to life world” soon becomes the centre of attention in thiseducational reform, and there are several reasons for its success:1. it helps studentsget ready to enter the society by cultivating healthy personality and mind, andimproving moral consciousness;2. it encourages students’ creativity and criticalthinking not only in class, but also during their daily life;3. it is an effective way toprevent teaching from separating from practice. However, some problems came outduring the educational reform such as the courses of junior middle school’ Ideologicaland Moral are single, students are having the same teaching method rather than selecttheir favorite way of learning and the evaluation mechanism is relatively out of time.Based on this situation, this report suggested:1. the curriculums reform of elementaryeducation should take the life experience into account, which means students shouldbe encouraged to open their mind and learn from their life;2. the report emphasizedthe importance of the needs of different students, thus it requires the curriculumdesign should give priority to the interest of different students. In other word, let thestudents choose their own way of interest to learn;3. In terms of students’ holiday, itshould be experiential and comprehensive practice. Also, their homework is desired tobe diversified;4. Establishing experiential evaluation mechanism is necessary for theideology and moral education.
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