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Research On The Present Situation And Countermeasures Of The PE Of Rural Elementary School In Taihang Mountain Region Of Hebei Province

Posted on:2015-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428478275Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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It is the south to north of Taihang mountain in Hebei province which overthrough the central and western regions city of Handan,Xingtai, Shijiazhuang andBaoding.In which the economy and education is relatively backward. Especially indays of the science and technology by leaps and bounds, the people get more andmore attention to the education of youth. As part of the quality-oriented education,School physical education is becoming more concerned and more attentive by people.By the study of school Sportsin the rural primary school of the regions of Taihangmountain in Hebei province, Currently we found that it is not optimistic of schoolsports in the rural primary school.In the regions of Taihang mountain in Hebei province, the school of rural hasfewer courses in Sports teaching of primary school, and the courses in the program issingle and old. Which cannot keep pace with the development of The Times ininnovation. Some old idea, methods and facilities of the education cannot becompletely change. But the new problems in rural primary schools emerge inendlessly, such as the lack of Sports facilities and can not meet the normal physicaleducation teaching. The leadership cannot pay more attention to the school Sportsand the money of the Sports at school that is less. Additionally, the regions ofTaihang mountain in Hebei province, the Sports teachers of the rural school is lack,which engaged in the Sports teaching is less and most of the Sports teachers engagedin part-time jobs, who is not be trained and the degree structure is also relatively low.Based on this fact, this article studys on the current situation of rural primaryschool sports in Taihang mountain through the literature material method,questionnaire method, interview method, et al. At last, the following conclusions are:First,there is a big difference between Education in taihang mountain area inhebei province and central cities and coastal developed areas. We don’t have enoughclasses and pay less attention to PE.Second, Sports teachers team has a bad order and age structure is unreasonable,and teachers’ professional quality can not meet the requirements; Parents pay more attention to children’s study than to physical quality. The quality education has noits real meaning.Third, although It is rich in extracurricular sports activities of Taihang mountainrural primary school, in fact, the children have few chance to join in the activitiesand morning exercises Not optimistic.So, the article give such suggestions:1. The layers of management of the PE of rural elementary schoolin Taihang Mountain Region of Hebei Provinceshould give full attentionto their respective jurisdiction,which aim at the situation of the elementary schoolsports to targeted formulate related policies and measures.2.Schools of Hebei Taihang mountain should strengthen their ownself-perception, which aim at the situation of school sports self-reliance,and based onthe actual situation in our region innovation actively, standardize and enhance thelevel of school sports development.3. The Provincial department of school management should actively promoteequal education resources policy, introduced operational measures and solve in hebeitaihang mountain the embarrassing situation of rural primary school physicaleducation as soon as possible.
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