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The Research On The Emotional Education Of Middle School Chinese Reading Teaching

Posted on:2015-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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According to the present situation of education in rural middle school language teaching process knowledge is more important than emotional, aiming at the emotional education in the course of education of high school Chinese reading value inquiry. This thesis is based on the comprehensive development of human understanding, the important significance of emotional education as a starting point, from the perspective of value rationality, through the cultivation of emotional education to the middle school language reading teaching in this area of development practice. Through the development of education in the middle school language reading emotion value inquiry, to cause the deep awareness of the value of rationality, enhance the value and position of emotion in education in the course of human.The full text is divided into four parts:The first part:the inherent problems and emotional education. This paper first provides an overview of the current status of rural middle school Chinese education, the basic requirements for middle school Chinese education reform of new curriculum. Then, the education goals for students in brief, between the target and the reality gap, found the rural middle school Chinese education in the emotional crisis, is attracting more and more attention to the emotional education.The second part: the factors mainly write the middle school language reading emotion education in education and influence. This paper introduces in detail the contents of the emotional education in the teaching of Chinese reading in middle school, pointed out that the rich content of emotional education. After that, this paper analyses the influence of the position of teachers and students in the emotional education in reading for emotional education effect. This article will guide students in the process of reading the emotional reaction to the teaching effect, it is pointed out that the emotional reaction have influence on the emotional education activities. It also analyzes the non intellectual factors influencing the effect of emotional education of students.The third part:mainly to write the middle school language specific measures of emotional education in the teaching of reading. This paper adhere to the students as the center, change the emotion teaching idea, pay attention to affective factors’ influence on students’ life, emotional education to students with advanced education idea. Secondly, the emotional education also requires teachers to use good communication skills to create a harmonious learning atmosphere of emotion. Finally, the emotional education needs to follow the law of students’ emotional development of reading content and appropriate method.The fourth part is a conclusion...
Keywords/Search Tags:middle school Chinese, The emotional education, Chinese reading
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