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The Influence Factors Of Private Middle School Teachers’ Career Development Research

Posted on:2015-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330428479638Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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With the development of economy since the reform and opening up, having gone through the recovery stage, privately-owned education institutes is now flourishing. Different from public school in operation mechanism, they meet students’needs of different levels, and make its own share of contribution to optimization allocation.At present, in private schools; there are things left to be desired with regard to problems involving teachers, such as loose team, unreasonable structure of team, and lack of organized training. Education and teaching quality is the foundation of a school, and teachers are crucial for the improvement of teaching quality.It is only with the help of high-quality teachers that a school, be it a pubic or private school, can enhance its teaching quality and thus make a difference in cultivating young minds.the research is conducted by investigating the work and off-work environment of private school teachers, who are an entity of natural and social individual. On the basis of having knowledge on their current professional development conditions, how work and off-work environment affect their professional development is probed, characteristics of professional development is summarized, how to facilitate professional development utilizing their work and off-work environment is put forward, and the current existing problems are examined to provide sound reality bases for better development modes. Firstly, the present author familiarized herself with related theory on teachers’professional development and outlined research direction at home and abroad through literature analysis.Secondly, a survey with questionnaire was conducted so as to get information on the overall teachers’ professional development. The questionnaire covers questions on teachers’ physical conditions, work motives, professional development goal, satisfaction level of professional development, occupational pressure and the conflict between work and family. The survey lays the groundwork for the following qualitative research.Thirdly, in further research, three teachers worked for private school are chosen for an in-depth interview, which is designed to unearth the hidden factors affecting their professional development. To enhance the development of their teaching career, improvement on work and off-work environment will accordingly be made based on the aforementioned research.
Keywords/Search Tags:private school, teachers ’professional development, affecting factors, career planning
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