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Theory Of Moral Character And Moral Quality Training In Junior School Students

Posted on:2015-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ideology and moral character, it is people in social life, by processing and themselves,and others, and the collective, and the relationship between state and society, and graduallycultivated person do stable way of thinking and behavior habits. Moral character is one of themain channel training moral quality, in terms of its subject characteristics, it determines theteaching process. It requires that the intellectual education and moral educationsimultaneously, informative and educational unifies, the combination of theory and practice.In this paper, the author by collecting a large number of domestic and foreigndevelopment of moral character and moral quality of education information, and combiningwith the experience of the education internship for half a semester, the actual observation,interview, questionnaire and so on, from the relationship between moral character and thejunior middle school students moral quality training for research.In this paper, by the following parts:The first part, introduction, origin, research methods and the morality, moral quality,moral quality training and other related definition of core concepts, an overall train ofthought.The second part, an experimental school in Jinzhou city, Liaoning province seventh grade,eighth grade, ninth grade student to carry on the questionnaire survey, combined witheffective questionnaire to the analysis of current junior middle school students moral quality.The third part, according to the questionnaire, combining with the jinzhou city, liaoningprovince some experimental school students moral quality cultivation condition, the analysisof the current reflected from the moral character of the junior middle school students moralquality problems and their causes.The fourth part, in view of the problems from the moral character, teaching resources andmoral quality training concept, evaluation methods, teachers’ quality, family education, socialeducation, school education put forward corresponding strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:the thought personal character, moral quality, problems and strategies, in juniorschool students
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